Sauna: Physical therapy and social life

tolo sauna in winterSince Average temperatures in Shenzhen this week dropped to 15 degrees Celsius suddenly from 30 degrees Celsius, and it is forecast to become cooler even further.At the night of frigid, windy weather, when it comes to bath time, my internal debates about whether to take a shower are intense. I would like to warm up the bathroom by hot water before bathing to make it pleasant. When the bathroom is smoky and the temperature is pleasant, then I walk slowly into the bathroom. All of these remind me of the sauna, a bathing method originating from Finland in northern Europe. For us, Taking a bath or shower is to clean and soothe your body. For Finnish, sauna is not only a must-do for every day, but also a form of enjoyment and a treatment.

With the change of times, Health preservation is no longer a exclusive item for wealthy  people, and it has gradually become a way of lifestyle for the general public. The sauna is known to originate in Finland, and The only Finnish word to make it into everyday English is “sauna”. The original meaning is “windowless wooden house”, which refers to the therapy of people using water vapor in a closed room. The Finnish saunas are all over the streets and it is easily to get dazzled. In Finland, the sauna has smoke sauna, arena sauna, cable car sauna, mobile sauna,  car sauna, tank sauna, and even a Burger King located in Helsinki has the world’s first in-store sauna. From the type of sauna, we could find that Finns can not live without the sauna which can inspire you to live ,travel, eat and to be intrepid. You could enjoy sauna no matter where and when you are which shows the Finnish freedom and love of the sauna.

sauna in burgerking

The sauna has always been regarded as a health and wellness place. An old Finnish proverb says that if liquor, tar and sauna won’t help, an illness is fatal.Modern science has proven that the old saying is justified: the sauna does have therapeutic functions, at least to make people healthier.” In the old times, when the availability of medical treatments and medicine was a little more on the poor side, the sauna is called the pharmacy of the poor. In fact, in our daily life, many of us also love to take a shower. Taking a shower provides much comfort ,boosts your mood and soothes your body. There are the same effect for the sauna,and sauna’s effect are much better than taking a shower.


It is well known that sauna can relieve stress and reduce the risk of depression and other mental disorders. The reason is that the temperature of sauna is higher than bath, and The suitable sauna temperature is between 60°C and 100°C. The heat in the sauna stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphin is an all-natural chemical that makes you feel good. The release of endorphins provides you with a truly wonderful “after sauna glow”. According to the relevant research, enjoy sauna 2-3 times a week can reduce the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 27%, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50% if you have a sauna 4-7 times a week. In addition, the sauna which is similar to aerobic exercise can increase heart rate to 120-150 beats per minute. Sauna raise your internal body temperature, and the temperature rise will cause the blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing blood circulation. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process by soothing pain or speeding up the healing of the wound. The sauna also reduces muscle tension after exercise and eliminates possible lactic acid and other toxins to promote muscle relaxation. Certainly, like all the other things in the world, the sauna has its restrictions. For example, don’t eat too much or drink before the sauna. People with high blood pressure and heart disease cannot enjoy saunas and so on.


There is this famous Finnish proverb that goes “Build the sauna, then the house.”There are 3 million saunas in Finland for a population of only 5 million. Almost every two individuals possess a sauna room. The sauna is the most practical bathing place in the long winter. You can even find that in ancient rich families, women give birth to her child in the sauna room because there is hot water and it is sterile. Sauna is not just a personal enjoyment, it is also

people gathering in sauna room

a place to socialize and have fun. You could enjoy sauna alone, relax in warm saunas with your friends and family,or even indulge in a sauna with a colleague or business partner. After work, it’s not surprising to meet or have business talks in a sauna room. Therefore, Making some friends with whom have never met before in the sauna bench is a natural and simple thing. That is because when you head into the sauna room, you will remove all the extra and unimportant things.

The mobile phone must be powered off in the sauna room which makes you enjoy the sauna with your pure heart, you can also unwind and forget all the troubles. At this moment, you can find yourself and return to the most primitive relationship between people. You can chat with strangers, play poker, or empty your thoughts, calm down and listen to the buzzing of the steam on the sauna stone. Relax and uninterruptedly enjoy the sauna for a moment of leisure time.It seems that all the disturbances of time have nothing to do with you. You can find yourself and feel your life here. This is a warm, quiet space without any external interference. As we like to say, walk into the sauna room and close the doors of the rest of the world.

kid playing in TOLO sauna room

Different saunas require different sauna stoves which requires high standards and quality that is the purpose and principle of the Tolo sauna. Tolo Sauna aims to create a global leading brand in the sauna industry, dedicated to enabling the people to enjoy the benefits and health that the sauna brings. On this cold winter day, the sauna not only eliminates the coldness, but also protects and nourishes your body.As stated in “Duckweed”: My dream is to sing in the dance hall and bathe in the sauna room. And now this exists in real life.