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How to use essential oils in the shower?

Showering is one of the must-to-do tasks that you need to do every day. Without it, you would smell bad and irritated throughout the day. Most of the time, working people shower in a rush that deprives them of proper cleaning and the ultimate showering experience. All this can be achieved by aromatherapy, which includes using essential oils.


Aromatherapy has many benefits and cures many diseases and conditions such as depression and anxiety. However, the beneficial effects of aromatherapy can only be gained if you know different types of essential oils. Plus, how to use essential oils in the shower.


How to use essential oils in the shower?

essential oil in the shower

There are several ways in which you can use essential oils in the shower. However, some of the most vital and effective ones are specified below.


Use a tea ball to diffuse your desired essential oil

One of the best ways to learn how to use essential oils in the shower is to use a tea infuser, also known as a tea ball, and make a homemade shower diffuser. To do this, grab a tea ball and fill it with Epsom salt and a few drops of your desired essential oil.


Make sure not to overfill it with salt, as this would dry up all the essential oils. The recommended amount of Epsom salt that you should put in the tea ball is about half the size of a tea ball. Then hang the tea infuser from the bath caddy, and voila!


Use a washcloth

Another way in which you can use essential oils is to use a washcloth. To get the benefits of aromatherapy when showering, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and hang them around your faucet, or showerhead. Some people wet their washcloth first before adding a few drops of essential oils, while some do not.


However, the most effective way is the dry one, as cold water can ruin the aroma of essential oils, which can hurt your aromatherapy session.


A steam cup is your best friend

Steam cups are super affordable, and almost all households have one. Therefore, for a pleasant aromatherapy session, grab a steam cup and pour water in it alongside a few drops of your desired essential oil.


Make sure that water is warm or hot, so steam can build up. Steam is necessary to diffuse the essential oil and spread the pleasant aroma of the oil.


Mix your essential oil in your shampoo

Are you looking for the most convenient methods for how to use essential oils? Then, make sure to mix your favorite essential oil in your conditioner and shampoo. Essential oils are great for both body and hair, and applying them topically aids more benefits.


To mix your favorite essential oil:

  • Choose your favorite essential oil (which is obvious)
  • Add a few drops of the essential oil to your shampoo.


Now, make sure not to add more than 5-6 drops per 1oz of your shampoo, as essential oils are extremely concentrated and can irritate your skin.


Mix it in body wash

As specified, essential oils are great for your skin when applied in a diluted amount. Hence, you can also add a few drops of your desired essential oil to the body wash that you use. Again, remember not to overdo the drops.


Usually, 18-25 drops are needed to be mixed with an ounce of body wash. Therefore, follow this rule, and you would be fine.


For a more pleasant experience consider buying shower aromatherapy showerheads and steamers

The title says it all, if you want it, then just grab some of them online. Aromatherapy shower steamers are like bath bombs that froths and releases essential oils. However, bath bombs, in general, do not produce enough aroma when compared to aromatherapy shower steamers.


So, buying aromatherapy shower steamers is one of the best answers to the question “how to use essential oils in the shower”.


Aromatherapy Showerheads are another way to have a more mesmerizing showering and spa-like experience.


Unlike ordinary shower heads, aromatherapy shower heads use fragrance capsules and cartridges that infuse essential oil into the water. Plus, aromatherapy showerheads also reduce chlorine concentration and bacteria in the water. Hence, it is a win-win situation.


What is truly the best way to use essential oils in the shower?

We have discussed some of the most convenient ways about how to use essential oils in the shower. Now, we will discuss what is the best way in which you can use essential oil in the shower, and get a spa-like experience.

Steam shower

sauna shower

The best way to use essential oil in the shower to enjoy a luxurious aromatherapy session is to get a steam bath. To get a steam bath in your home, you can get a steam pump and enjoy the perfect aromatherapy session.

Steam pump or generator rapidly converts water into steam and diffuses essential oils. Aromatherapy allows you to have added benefits such as:

  • Strong immunity
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved blood circulation, and plenty more.

Some of the best steam pumps that you can get for your home are:

Steamtec AIO Steam Bath Aroma

aroma steam head

The latest steam generator is an ideal showering product to be categorized as a shower and sauna product. This TOLO steam pump has several new and advanced features. Some of the features include iPhone control and the fast steam option.

Moreover, it also has a salt spray feature. iPhone control enables the steam generator to get connected to your phone through which you can easily control the temperature or other settings. Moreover, it also has an integrated auto aroma pump, which consists of two containers that you can use for two of your favorite essential oils.

In addition, the pump also has a temperature switch that automatically transfers the essential oil in the steam pipe once the temperature is above 85C. Features like these ensure that you get a mesmerizing and hassle-free spa and sauna experience.

Steamtec Stand Alone Aroma

This steam pump can work with any steam generator; therefore, it is highly versatile. It has an automatic pump and an integrated controller, through which you can control the liquid flow and set the waiting time. This TOLO steam pump has two attached bottles, which gives you the benefit of enjoying the fragrance of two essential oils.

Steamtec Sauna heater

A sauna heater is a traditional or old-style electric heater that comes with a painted body. TOLO sauna heaters come in various power ratings, including 3kW to 30kW. It has a built-in control unit, button control unit, touch screen control unit, and good stable durability too.



The above-specified are some of the ways which depict how to use essential oils in the shower.