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The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid While Installing A Home Steam Shower

Steam shower installation is not a single-step process, it consists of a step-by-step process. It requires the involvement of various home professionals like electricians and plumbers. If this process is done properly, the whole process from designing to completion becomes stress-free and easy. Much care is needed to carry out the entire process of steam shower installation as any small mistake may result in unwanted outcomes.

Despite the care and focus, it is still possible to make various mistakes during the process of steam shower installation. These are the mistakes that require extra steps to carry the process as well as maintain it. If you also have concerns related to the proper installation of a steam shower, you have landed in the right place. Here, we are going to elaborate on the most common mistakes that are widely quoted during the process of steam shower installation. One must avoid all of them as they affect the luxury of a home steam shower and might be harmful to human health, besides various other issues.

steam shower

Common mistakes during steam

shower installation

During the installation process, you must be very careful about various mistakes that might be troublesome if not avoided. Among the most common mistakes, some are mentioned as under:

  • Not choosing appropriate steam therapies and accessories during the installation step

There are a number of accessories for a steam shower that make them more and more luxurious. They include SteamLinx, wall-mounted seats, and recessed lighting. These are installed in the structure during the installation process or renovation. The same is true for various steam therapies like Music Therapy, Chroma Therapy, and Aroma Therapy. A lot of homeowners make wrong decisions while adding these features because of the high budget but later regret it. To put it in simple words, it becomes very complicated ad expensive to install such features later on. So, you must be very clear and wise in installing them in the beginning so that the process should not get difficult afterward.

  • Failing to store the generator in a right spot

Most commonly, a generator is installed at any place in the steam room. It can be placed in a closet, heated attic, vanity, basement, or a similar spot inside the home steam shower room. But leaving a space of 12 inches on the sides and the top for ventilation and servicing is highly recommended. It is very important to place the generator somewhere it can be accessed easily, and parts can be removed for maintenance purposes.

Installing the steam generator in some unheated location and inside the actual shower enclosure where the water supply piping might freeze is a big no-no. It must be stored in such an efficient way that the plumbing connection to the steam generator can be turned off whenever needed.

  • Not considering that material types can affect the required generator size. 

All the homeowners have a free hand to select the material type according to their own choice, interest, budget, and personal preferences. But the matter of requirement of a steam generator should also be kept in mind.

Porous materials like shale, glass block, marble, concrete, or granite quickly dissipate heat. If a homeowner is interested in the stones or natural beauty of a steam shower room, a much more powerful steam generator will be needed to compensate for that heat loss. On the other hand, selecting some nonporous materials like acrylic, ceramic,

and porcelain can better retain heat inside a shower room. So, a small generator will be adequate. In this way, different types of materials will use the different sizes of generators in a steam shower room.

  • Not beginning with an adequate budget for renovation of materials, bathroom, accessories, or installation costs.

Having a rough estimate of the entire budget while installing a steam shower can save a homeowner from a lot of worries. In this way, the creation of our transparent budget with much leeway to save both homeowner and contractor will save various types of disagreements that make crop up at the time of renovation is a good step to take. But to do this, one must be aware of the overall cost that the actual project may charge.

  • Ignoring the plumbing and electrical requirements of home

Those people who are unaware of the different electrical differences, such as the difference in voltage, may indulge themselves in various problems. In this way, choosing the wrong electrical outlet can prove extremely disastrous. And not being up to code can cause issues when your renovated or new bathroom is inspected. To better tackle every situation like it, it becomes necessary to make a wise selection on this ground as well.

The same is very important for meeting the plumbing requirements. This is not only because of code reasons but also because you do not have issues like sluggish pipes that tend to release noxious gas into the home.

  • Making selection of an inexperienced plumber, contractor, or installer

To rely on a plumber contractor or installer just because he has 30 years in the industry does not necessarily mean that he knows everything about steam shower installation; it is not a good thing. As we all know, the steam shower installation process includes both electricity and water, so one should be very choosy in selecting the professional and licensed electricity numbers or contractors who are very well familiar with steam. In this way, having a trust for the electrician, plumber or contractor can make homeowners free from all hustle related to the false procedure of installation by such people.

  • Avoiding selecting a control package for the steam generator

A proper control package is important to operate a generator, not only a”nice-to-have” function. They range in terms of complexity and price from very simple to highly personalized but are generated what run without it in case of steam shower. We have seen a lot of people saying that they would turn it on and turn it off without having a full understanding of the features that such controls offer to them and over the exact can enjoy their benefits. So before selecting a control package, one must have enough information about its every aspect to make it more handy and convenient to be used.

  • The improper ceiling of floors and walls

Everyone who wishes to install a steam shower room in the home will not want steam sleeping into the rest of the bathroom and lingering there, resulting in condensation on floors and walls. This kind of situation can lead to various accidents because of moles and sleeping, which can, in turn, result in health issues. That is why a properly constructed screenshot room will be the one that will rain the entire steam when it is not required.

To better tackle, this kind of issue, ceilings and was must be constructed of non-corrosive surface water-resistant materials such as molded acrylic, tile, nonporous material, or manufactured stone. But on the other hand, if your stream room is not a shower, you can choose a floor drain.

To add more, the windows that you will incorporate in a steam room must be double pant and equipped with safety glass. This will help the homeowners enjoy their home steam shower without any tension or issues that an improper ceiling may cause.

  • Failing to buy a right-sized generator

It is very important to measure the types and materials of walls to choose the right steam generator. Making the choice of a small generator will not have enough power to generate a sufficient stream, so it will consume a lot of power without providing any benefit. This thing declares that you should also be very conscious while making a selection of the right side of a steam generator. Different types of materials require different temperatures and conditions to generate and retain heat. In the same way, the steam shower dimensions like height, length, and width also matter in this regard.

Besides all other mistakes that are more likely to be made while installing a home steam shower, failing to choose the right size of the strange generator should also not be neglected at any cost. It will not only consume a lot of energy but also will not need the requirements of the stream that a home steam shower will require to deliver appropriate same to the one who is enjoying a steam shower.

Final Thoughts

Despite the professional history of the contractors, installers, plumbers, and electricians, there are still chances of making mistakes while installing a home steam shower because of negligence or inadequate information. If a homeowner, as well as the professionals, are not aware of the steps that might lead to uncanny happenings during installation, they may end up having huge trouble. As mentioned above are some of the most common and often quoted mistakes that must be avoided to enjoy the full luxury of a home steam shower.