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Is A Steam Room Shower Worth It?

Steam showers are becoming more popular as a spa treatment at home. There are various compelling reasons for homeowner’s interest in these fixtures. They’re simple to use and provide several health benefits. Most importantly, they increase the value of a house while saving homeowners money on spa passes and the time it takes to commute to and from a local spa. Furthermore, unlike a sauna or steam room, the steam shower is a self-contained device. For households, this means less upkeep and space is required to gain the same health advantages as a sauna or steam room.


But if you’re stuck in flirting mode, you’re probably wondering whether steam showers are worth the time or effort. We don’t blame you for wondering, but the answer is a resounding yes: steam showers are well worth the investment. Let’s take a look at the many aspects of this question and try to unpack it.


What Is a Steam Room Shower?

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A steam shower is a shower stall that can generate enough steam to provide a pleasant, warm, humid environment without using hot water for a long period of time. Steam has been shown to help dry skin and blocked sinuses and provide a great chance to relax fully and relieve tense muscles in a warm, moist environment. Aromatherapy benefits can also be introduced by adding essential oils or other mood-boosting fragrances. After enjoying the benefits of a nice steam bath, a fast rinse in the same shower is easy.


Most steam showers include glass enclosures to help keep the steam confined, and many have seats to help you get the most out of your steam enjoyment. Steam showers aren’t for everyone, but anybody looking for a little extra luxury at home may like the concept of arriving home to steam.


How Tough Is It to Install a Steam Shower?


Although it may seem daunting, installing a steam shower is relatively simple and affordable, contrary to popular belief. It’ll be easy in part because you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals—licensed plumbers and electricians. You don’t need to be in there installing circuit breakers, or water supply feeds. Relax. Take a look at your social media feeds. Have some fun with the dog.


But do get in on the fun part: deciding on materials, finishes, and colors, as well as the steam shower control has the bells and whistles you require and any steam shower extras like ChromaTherapy or AromaTherapy. It’s your adventure, so go ahead and enjoy it.


The steam shower is quite easy to use after it’s been installed. Flip a switch. Use a steam shower control that allows you to pre-configure start times and desired temperature for individuals who want to “set it and forget it.”


How Much Does a Steam Shower Cost?


A solo steam generator or a steam shower kit are the two options for installing a steam shower for homes. Generators range in price from roughly $800, including installation expenses, to thousands of dollars, depending on the features, power levels, and other factors. Because plumbing is involved, it’s better to leave the installation to the professionals. Steam shower kits may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.


A standalone generator can be put in a wall with the rest of the plumbing in a new shower stall to create steam via a steam head; the control panel and steam exit can be left visible for a sleek aesthetic. You could put a steam shower in an existing shower, but it would need some clever maneuvering and is generally best done when a new shower is installed.


The glass enclosure, steam generator, and standard shower accessories, such as a rainfall showerhead, massage jets, and more, are included in steam shower kits. These are undoubtedly luxuries, costing $3,000 and up, and contain surround sound speakers, radios, and more for an amazing steam shower experience. It’s also recommended to leave the installation of steam shower kits to the professionals.


Will a Steam Room Shower Increase the Value of My Home?


Yes, and possibly in ways you hadn’t thought. Bathroom renovations are among the top three home upgrades that appeal to homebuyers, as well as among the top three investments that are likely to boost resale value to the property, according to the National Association of Realtors.


Listings mentioning ‘steam showers,’ an enclosed shower that can also be utilized as a steam room, sell for 30 percent more than expected prices, according to Zillow’s “2019 Home Features that Sell” analysis.


While everyone has different design preferences, being particular and smart with your home’s listing description may have a large financial benefit when it comes time to sell, according to Zillow. Today’s homebuyers are particularly interested in homes with spa-inspired bathrooms.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a steam shower while you’re still living there. Bathroom renovations received a high rating of 9.6 from the National Association of Realtors’ “joy score.” According to the organization, 62 percent of homeowners have a stronger desire to be at home after the project was completed, 57 percent have a better feeling of satisfaction at home, and 78 percent have a strong sense of accomplishment when thinking about the project.


Is A Steam Room Shower Good For My Health?


A steam shower is a wise investment in terms of health. In the United States, healthcare prices are increasing so fast that even when covered by insurance, families are paying thousands of dollars each year in out-of-pocket charges, increased co-pays, and larger deductibles. Our point? A steam shower may help you in maintaining your health.


This is because steam showers have been shown to lower chronic stress and improve the capacity to sleep deeply and restfully. Sleeping well can help you perform better at work or school and improve your mood. Steam showers may help with congestion caused by colds and allergies.


Benefits Of Installing A Steam Shower




Compared to a typical shower almost solely utilized for hygiene purposes, steam showers have significant health advantages. Saunas and steam baths may help your body’s defensive system, which is especially important in the winter. It is beneficial to one’s cardiovascular health. For these two reasons, endurance athletes use saunas or steam baths regularly. Steam room showers may also reduce the symptoms of rheumatism and chronic pain.




Steam showers are somewhat larger than standard shower stalls, although they are far smaller than the various installations they can replace. A sauna, like a steam bath, is usually located in a separate room. The size of a steam enclosure is double that of a standard shower stall. On the other hand, a steam enclosure can provide what the other kinds cannot in terms of efficiency and benefits. Except for very small bathrooms, almost any bathroom could fit such a shower.




A steam shower combines a regular shower with a multi-jet shower that sprays water in all directions at you. A sauna, a steam bath, and a sound system with an mp3 player and a radio are all possible additions. There are also steam showers with modern decor. Some of them contain several chromotherapy lights from which you can choose one that best suits your mood.




A steam shower is like having your personal spa at home. You may get a massage from the water jets. Both the sauna and the steam bath can help you unwind. All of this while listening to your favorite music in a warm and inviting environment. What could be a better way to end a stressful day or prepare for a long week at work?


Easy Installation


Steam showers do, of course, need a connection to your home’s plumbing pipes, but that is about all they require. Because they’re a closed system, they don’t even need to stand on a tiled surface. These units can be used in any room in the house. All that is required is selecting a preferred location for the installation of the required water lines. You won’t have to lay any tiles, and you won’t have to perform any dirty work. As a result, installing a steam enclosure over a standard shower stall may be less expensive. As ludicrous as it may sound, you should consider installing a steam shower even if you think you cannot afford it.


Good Hygiene


A typical steam shower is a completely enclosed system. It doesn’t let any water out. If you don’t want to pat yourself dry with a towel inside the cabin, it only exits the steam shower via the steam that departs once you open the door and through your skin. Steam enclosures, unlike tiles and joints in a regular bathroom, usually exceed extremely high standards and are completely mold-proof.


Design and Style


The design and style are the last aspects to be discussed. They range in style from traditional Finnish sauna to ultra-modern, brightly colored sauna. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bathroom that doesn’t benefit from the addition of a stunning new steam enclosure.


Things To Consider Before Installing a Steam Shower


It’s easy to become used to a steam shower. Installing this style of shower, on the other hand, may not be that simple — at least not if you are unfamiliar with the process.


Your Bathroom Needs Plenty of Space


Although a steam shower may seem a luxury, it is possible to have one even in a small home or bathroom. While the width and depth of the shower aren’t as important, the height of the shower is. To fill the area, more steam must be created as the shower rises in height. Around 7 feet tall is the perfect height. It’s best to have a steam shower with enough room for a bench or seat so you may sit in the steam for 15 minutes or more.


It’s Going to Consume Plenty Of Electricity


Although steam doesn’t take much water, expect your power cost to rise if you use the shower regularly. How much extra it will cost you to use your steam shower is determined by how often you use it. The generator must be linked to a power source, which is usually 220 or 240 volts.


Beware of Slipping


A steam shower should help relieve aches and pains, but it might potentially cause new injuries. When this style of shower is in use, the floor might get slippery, which can be harmful to elderly or disabled people. Install anti-slip strips on the floor before the shower is used for the first time, and remind everybody who uses the shower to take care while stepping in and out.


It Matters Where the Generator Is Installed


The steam generator is an integral part of every steam shower. This unit should be close to the shower and in a warm area of the house to prevent the pipes from freezing during cold weather. There should be enough area in the installation location for the generator to be serviced if required.


Steam Equals Condensation


Keep in mind that steam is just water. When the steam condenses into condensation, the shower enclosure might become extremely dripping. While this isn’t an issue in a normal shower, having water drip on your head can be distracting during a relaxing steam session. That’s why the shower ceiling has to be sloped to keep dripping water away from you when you sit or stand.


Should You Get a Steam Shower?


If you were planning to renovate that part of your bathroom anyway, a steam shower is usually a good investment. The costs of installation are similar to those of a standard shower. Simply make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. To avoid condensation, you’ll need to slope the ceiling and seal any non-waterproof sections and fixtures.


Even if you don’t use the steam shower as frequently as you planned, you’ll recoup part of your investment when you sell your house. When looking for a new home, many people look for steam showers. It’s a nice feature that can distinguish your house from others in the area.