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Sauna Shower – an entire guideline for beginners

No doubt, the sauna bath is an incredible option to improve health conditions via beating out various health issues. It is just a simple and relaxing procedure that you can follow to get exciting results. Please give it a read to get further information.

Tolo Sauna

History of Saunas

With a population of over five million people, Finland has an exciting three million saunas to enjoy sauna baths and their related benefits to health and wellness. Finish saunas are not constraint to Finland only, yet they are spread all over the world these days. Now you can easily find the Finnish saunas widely spread in various spas and gyms as well.

But, the actual history of the sauna bath is still unknown and what is known is unclear. Actually, there is no one who knows where and how the first Sauna was built. But there is a bit of information about the origination of this tradition which was observed somewhere in Northern Europe around 2000 BC. This tradition remained an essential part of the cultural life in various countries, including Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

The inhabitants of these countries love debating who has the best Sauna right now. But the fact is that their traditions and building techniques have evolved to a considerable extent in the past few thousand years. The saunas of ancient history were different from those observed in middle history. In the same sense, advanced saunas are incredibly different from those found ever before. With the advancement and modernization, the techniques and methodology of saunas have also been changed to a large extent.

Sauna bath

There is considerable confusion about the similarities and differences between a sauna and a steam shower. People have confusion related to different aspects of steam showers and sauna baths in their heads. Is there any difference between the two? Which one of the two goes well for you? Have they had any kind of positive impacts on well-being and human health? Simply, the answer to the first question is obviously “yes”. The latter two are a bit complicated. But, hold on, we are here to provide you with the answer to your queries as much as we can.

When we talk about the primary and fundamental difference between the two, it is moisture. Both of these systems make use of heat, but a sauna uses dry heat while a steam shower uses moist heat. Both of them are widely used for stress relief and relaxation from several medical conditions. Both have different benefits to human health in different regards. You are free to choose one from the two that you find suitable for you in terms of your choice, benefits, lifestyle, availability and personal preferences. Let’s break it down.

Sauna bath and Steam shower

The terms “sauna” and “steam shower” can be used interchangeably. But on the same side, they also find the difference in several aspects. They differ hugely in terms of the potential therapeutic benefits and their working principles. Both of them are the best option to choose with some specific health conditions as dry heat is suitable for some conditions, so does wet heat is.  If you are searching for one of the most suitable types of the bath to get the desired outcomes, your search is over now as you have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to clear all the aspects that can be related to it in any way.

Our guideline will cover a significant portion of your concerns related to the baths, but in case you have any kind of health concerns, be more careful. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or are pregnant, it would be best to make sure to consult your healthcare provider. Then, you will be able to get a better suggestion about which bath is safe for you. Could you read it all to explore more?

Difference between sauna bath and steam shower

If we start to discuss the main difference between sauna bath and steam shower, the construction of their spaces comes first. Both of these systems have entirely different construction using different materials and techniques. When we talk about the steam shower, its rooms are constructed from glass blocks, non-porous ceramic tiles, or other waterproof materials conducive to the most kind of environment.

On the other hand, the steam sauna shower has a traditional and unique space that uses woodwork. The food is first processed in a kiln to dry it and then used as a construction material. The spaces for sauna baths actually possess wood properties as they do not get hot like stone and ceramic materials. Another difference between both kinds of baths is the level of humidity. Steam showers are commonly referred to as wet heat showers and saunas as dry forms of heat therapy.

Temperature also stands on the list while talking about the key differences between steam and sauna baths. Because of the difference in construction material, both hold different temperature extremes. The ceramic materials of steam shower rooms get heated up because of the heat. While, on the other hand, wood can better cope with temperature extremes. The wood of sauna spaces that is dried in a kiln can better cope with a high temperature. That is why there lies a vast difference between the two.

How does the steam sauna shower work?

Sauna is traditionally constructed from cedar or spruce wood dried in the kiln. This kind of processed wood can withstand a relatively much lower level of humidity and higher temperature. As wood has much capacity to absorb moisture which not only keeps the surface cooler but also helps a lot in pulling humidity out of air.


  • The heater of Sauna: Sauna often uses water to pour over rocks to enhance the humidity in the Sauna. A sauna may make use of several heat sources, like an electric heater, a wood stove, or an infrared lamp. In the case of the infrared Sauna, an individual’s body is heated directly instead of the air being heated.


  • Sauna space: The space that you separate for Sauna is made of kiln-dried wood. The wood will not get hot as the stones can. This factor is highly beneficial as it protects the users from burns. These spaces not only aid you feel good, but they also make you look good and keep you healthy just by sitting still. Isn’t it amazing?


  • The temperature of the Sauna: In contrast to steam showers, saunas operate at a high temperature that ranges between 160 Fahrenheit and 200 Fahrenheit with deficient humidity levels. This humidity can be as low as between 10 to 20 per cent.

Impacts on human health and well-being

Saunas are found to do wonders for the body and mind. A recent report by Mayo Clinic clearly declares that sauna bathing has various health benefits. They include lowering the risk of vascular diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, high blood pressure, and neurocognitive diseases, such as pulmonary diseases as the common flu, treatment of specific skin conditions, pain in rheumatic disease and headache. The result of a study done in Finland discusses the same outcomes. Interestingly, nearly a third of adults have taken sauna baths regularly for thousands of years in Finland.


  • Benefits to skin


Sauna baths impart collective benefits, which are much beneficial for your skin. They can facilitate the opening of your pores and boost the blood circulation level, which can help soften your skin. While aiding softer skin, the use of a sauna bath can also do an exceptional job of eradicating impurities of the skin.


  • Impacts on body muscles


When it is about the relaxation of body muscles, it is also an extraordinary game-changer. It helps relieve tension in the body and also minimizes joint pain. Those who have injured themselves or have joint pains can get good results from this bath. Taking a sauna bath regularly can help you get back to full fitness and aid recovery.

As mentioned on the top, heat resulting from some no is the best way to relax muscles. This is very beneficial for everyone who has had a strenuous workout routine in the gym and helps your muscles feel at is along you to work out and feel fresh again. Releasing tension and rapid recovery of your muscles is like a key to progressing as it makes you able to work out intensely day in and day out.

  • Relieves stress

While dealing with everyday concerns and challenging work routines, everyone is likely to feel stressed. Why not relieve that stress in a relaxing and simple way? Several reports and evidence are declaring soundbox way to live stress levels that you may feel because of your hectic everyday activities. The dry heat of the sauna bath helps your body release hormones called endorphins. It is a feel-good chemical that aids sleep, reducing the effects of stress.

  • Improves breathing

Besides the unique health benefits of the steam sauna shower, the steam room itself has many advantages. The heat from the sauna room help open up your airways that improve your breathing rate, and alleviate congestion. Such a bath opens the mucous membranes of the body and helps relieve the pressure. Those who are suffering from asthma or feeling slightly under the weather can enjoy numerous benefits of these baths. Besides breathing only, stream rooms can increase the rate of metabolism, which can aid weight loss.

  • Aids emotional relaxation

Both kinds of bathes, saunas and steam rooms, offer the same kind of emotional as well as physical relaxation. Both dry and wet heat cause stimulation of the sedative effects that help generate feelings of relaxation and calmness. Those who are suffering from mood or emotional disorders can find the best and relaxing results with regular practice of such bathes.

Comparison between saunas and steam showers

So now, you are searching for the more suitable bat type for you, Right? Hold on! We are here to make the right choice easy for you. Actually, both bathes have a whole list of benefits that help you improve your physical and mental health better. But while making a selection, you should know about your situation and preferences first of all. When we talk about impacts on health, then the type of moist is a thin worth considering,

As a steam shower make use of wet heat, it may prove a suitable choice for those individuals who are dealing with congestion or some kind of allergies. On the other hand, saunas can be a relatively more beneficial option for those with rheumatoid arthritis as humidity can exacerbate the condition.

Either you are going to choose a sauna or a steam shower, and the ultimate and wise choice is to consult a health care provider. He better understands what will go better with you.

Coping with the dehydration caused by a sauna bath

Sauna is all about the application of dry heat directly on the body to get desired excellent results. So, it is crystal clear from the entire context that dry heat can make you feel dehydrated. To stay hydrated, make sure to drink a lot of water before as well as after using a sauna. If you are going to take a steam sauna shower for the first time, prefer staying there for only 10 to 15 minutes to get used to this new exciting experience.

Final thoughts

Both the “saunas” and “steam showers” are beneficial somehow; one must be careful while opting for anyone. Dry heat goes well with some specific health conditions, while some can better bear wet heat. So, considering your health conditions before making a choice is a must. As you are not only selecting a bath but a better and relaxing way to enjoy a good living. If you are not pretty much sure about what to go with, consulting with a health care provider is a fantastic option. He better understands the impacts of dry and wet heat on your health conditions.