Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health

The Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health

From ancient times, steam shower rooms are considered a source of stress relief, and improved health and wellness routines. To enjoy these collective benefits, people rush towards the spa centres to have steam shower sessions or consider installing steam shower units in their own bathrooms. Those having a steam shower room in their home enjoy dual benefits; they can have a steam bath whenever they want plus it also increases the real estate value of their home. To add more, visiting a spa centre can also be more tiring because of expenses or the hustles related to travelling.


If you are planning to visit a spa centre or install a steam shower in your home, you must be aware of the benefits it offers to your health. If you have been searching for the health benefits that a steam shower room can offer, you have landed on the right spot. Here, in this blog, we are going to elaborate on the same topic. Please read it all to explore more about it. Let’s crack it together!

Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health


What is a steam room and how does it make a difference?


Steam rooms are enclosed spaces heated with steam. The temperature may vary, but steam rooms are generally kept somewhere around 110°F. Steam rooms are like saunas. In both of them, you are encouraged to sit in a small, heated room. To add more, both claim promising benefits to your health. The key difference is in the kind of heat that they use. A sauna makes use of dry heat, from hot rocks or some closed stove. But, steam rooms are heated by a using generator filled with boiling water.


If we talk about the sauna, it helps you loosen your muscles and feel relaxed but it won’t offer the same health benefits that a steam room does. The key that makes a steam room capable of delivering such extra health benefits is the humidity.


Health benefits that a steam room offers


A considerable trend of many people towards steam shower sessions is because of the benefits that it offers for both mental and physical health. While talking about the benefits of a steam room for your health, how can we even miss the followings?


  • Improves skin health


Sometimes, the direct exposure of skin to the environment becomes harmful for the skin as many kinds of toxins get trapped underneath your skin. In this regard, steam rooms can be helpful as they tend to open up the pores by using heat. During the stem shower session, the warm condensation washes away all the dead skin and dirt that can, otherwise, result in breakouts. As a result, you get a more-toned and clearer skin.


  • Loosens stiff joints


To avoid injury, warming up before the workout is critical. Making use of a steam shower room as a part of your warm-up routine can assist you to reach the largest flexibility during various activities like Pilates, Yoga and running. To put it in crystal clear words, the joints become more relaxed and flexible when heat is applied to knee joints before any such activity. Which, in turn, promises the reduction of injury chances before a workout. This is one benefit that steam offers to your health. The list is ongoing…


  • Lowers blood pressure


Several studies have found that steam rooms can also help in lowering blood pressure. It is noticed that in a steam shower room, the human body releases various hormones that alter the heart rate. Out of them, one hormone is called aldosterone which is the reason for regulating your blood pressure. The reason behind being so relaxed and calm inside a steam room is that it can help lower your blood pressure. What else you can expect when simple heat therapy is promising such health benefits to you?


  • Helps in workout recovery


Professional athletes and other fitness enthusiasts who are into workout routines may often feel pain after working out sessions. This pain is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). For decades, professional athletes have known the benefits that heat therapy offers to them in their recovery from training workout sessions. , heat penetrates deeper into muscle tissues and helps relieve DMOS. To add more, a recent study proves that moist heat can work even more as compared to dry one in muscle recovery.


  • Improves circulation


You can improve your cardiovascular health by sitting in a steam room for sure. Researches and studies are evidence that older individuals can enjoy improved circulations because of moist heat, especially in the extremities. Because of a strong interconnection of the cardiac and vascular systems, a person can have collective benefits of improved circulation leading to a lowering of blood pressure that promises a healthier heart. Besides all that, it can also assist healing of broken skin tissues.


  • Clears congestion


The environment of a steam room encourages deep breathing by warming the mucous membrane. Although, using it for treating colds and sinus infections is controversial because of the risk to scald yourself if done. But steam rooms are safe if you don’t stay inside too long. A study reveals that children with respiratory infections recovered more than others after steam therapy. Try not to use a steam room if you have a fever.


  • Reduces stress


Being in a steam shower room for a steam shower session can cause a decreased production of the hormone cortisol which regulates stress levels. A drop in cortisol level makes you feel relaxed and in control. Besides improving your health, spending a few minutes in steam can also help you heal your mind and improve your focus.


  • Boosts the immune system


Many therapies are known for boosting the immune system and steam shower rooms are not an exception to that. Additionally, direct exposure of your body to moist steam stimulates leukocytes that fight infections. Sitting in a steam shower room when you are fighting off a cold should not be your first line of defence, as there is no proof that the moist steam can kill a brewing infection. But the use of steam rooms on regular basis will boost the immunity that could lead to you getting sick less often.


  • Burns calories


When you are in a steam room, your heart rate increases. If you use a steam shower room after an aerobic workout, the steam room can prolong the elevation of your heart rate. If used, steam rooms can stimulate your body like typical exercise does not. The weight you lose in a steam room is water weight, so you need to replace it by hydrating yourself to avoid dehydration. But using steam rooms as a way to burn more calories at the gym could be helpful to your diet and exercise routine be more effective.


Does A Steam Shower Room

Help Clear The Lungs


Our respiratory system and lungs are vital, especially for those suffering from any condition that can affect them in any way. Some come at higher risk of lung or respiratory disease. For such people, improving lung function is beneficial. The real problem is, that it can be a hard task to do. Thanks to steam shower rooms, you have a way. A steam room helps lung function via various mechanisms. It has been shown that lung congestion decrease in a steam room. Steam showers have also been shown to assist patients with chronic bronchitis or asthma and help to breathe-ability.


This is only one benefit that a steam shower offers to the lungs and respiratory system, many others are also rumoured. For instance, it is considered that steam can start a key lung tissue response that results in the strengthening of antioxidant defence systems and cell repair of lung cells. Being tuck in breathing difficulties has a big effect on your capability to do distinctive things. In such a case, every time you do something, you feel limited by the respiratory system.  In short, you have to plan to have your breath. Some people say that having a respiratory disease makes them remind that they have to breathe sometimes.


Some of the reported respiratory diseases include pulmonary hypertension, asthma, occupational lung diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The major risk factors are dust and occupational chemicals and exposure to air pollution.


A steam shower room has many benefits across many body systems far beyond the respiratory system and lung functions. The best practice to do if anyone thinks a steam shower room can be helpful to you is to speak with a professional physician to get their input. If they suggest that it is alright to do so, a steam room can produce some of the effective changes to your body that you always wished to see.  As we proceed to understand how and why a steam shower room can be so helpful to lung function and various risks of respiratory disease, we carry on to advocate for more focus to be paid on heat therapy as a treatment recommendation.