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How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Steam Shower

A steam shower is a wonderful bathroom feature that gives you a spa-like experience at home! Steam showers have a dual purpose, combining the functions of a sauna with those of a regular shower stall. They can generate a soothing vaporous cloud as well as jets of freshwater to cleanse and refresh! What are the […]

How To Build a Steam Room

The benefits and pleasures of steam rooms are already familiar to everyone who has ever enjoyed lingering a little too long in a hot shower. Showers that last for a long time are transformed into steam rooms, which are designed specifically for steam baths. You may relax in a secure and comfortable environment while the […]

Sauna Shower – an entire guideline for beginners

No doubt, the sauna bath is an incredible option to improve health conditions via beating out various health issues. It is just a simple and relaxing procedure that you can follow to get exciting results. Please give it a read to get further information. History of Saunas With a population of over five million people, […]

Is A Steam Room Shower Worth It?

Steam showers are becoming more popular as a spa treatment at home. There are various compelling reasons for homeowner’s interest in these fixtures. They’re simple to use and provide several health benefits. Most importantly, they increase the value of a house while saving homeowners money on spa passes and the time it takes to commute […]

How to use essential oils in the shower?

Showering is one of the must-to-do tasks that you need to do every day. Without it, you would smell bad and irritated throughout the day. Most of the time, working people shower in a rush that deprives them of proper cleaning and the ultimate showering experience. All this can be achieved by aromatherapy, which includes […]

Top 10 Best Steam Sauna Shower Combo in 2021

Life is tough, and it is why everyone needs to freshen up their mind to stay motivated and keep working. There are plenty of ways to be relaxed and enjoy a little “me” time to get rid of all the worries. Out of which, taking a sauna bath is one of the most effective and […]

Sauna: Physical therapy and social life

Since Average temperatures in Shenzhen this week dropped to 15 degrees Celsius suddenly from 30 degrees Celsius, and it is forecast to become cooler even further.At the night of frigid, windy weather, when it comes to bath time, my internal debates about whether to take a shower are intense. I would like to warm up the bathroom by hot water before bathing to make it pleasant. When […]