Steam room in a modern home

How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Steam Shower

A steam shower is a wonderful bathroom feature that gives you a spa-like experience at home! Steam showers have a dual purpose, combining the functions of a sauna with those of a regular shower stall. They can generate a soothing vaporous cloud as well as jets of freshwater to cleanse and refresh! What are the benefits? A calming ambiance that can help you relax, soothing water vapor that can help clear your sinuses, and a skin-friendly at-home detox!

Steam room in a modern home

Beautiful bathroom with white bath and sauna and shower in a modern home

Because steam is far more invasive than water, a steam shower demands more attention than a regular shower. There’s a lot more to it than just adding a steam generator and a control pad to the equation. Building a steam shower requires a brand-new, integrated system that functions and operates as a whole, from the drain to the ceilings to the kind of tile selected.


The selection of tile is an important step in this process. To make the process of choosing the right tiles for your at-home sauna a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider for a long-lasting steam shower!


How to Pick the Right Tile for a Steam Shower


The basics of a steam shower are covered above, and the first important choice you’ll have to make is which tile material to use. Before selecting a shower design, you should research the benefits of each material.


Porcelain Tiles


There’s no better alternative for a steam shower than porcelain tiles when it comes to durability and safety! Porcelain tile is the ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality since it is nonporous and durable. Porcelain tiles also retain heat and function as an insulator for your steam room, increasing its effectiveness while conserving electricity!


If you’re afraid that porcelain tiles won’t match the beauty of natural stone, reconsider. Porcelain tiles now come in a variety of magnificent colors, patterns, and textures that are meant to resemble the appearance and feel of actual stone, giving you the genuine aesthetic you’ve always wanted!


Why not give your steam shower a smooth marble effect with porcelain tile, which is more lasting, gorgeous, and affordable? When used throughout the steam shower, these tiles will produce a smooth, clean design that will open up the room.


To feel more connected to nature, you don’t have to live in a remote mountain hut! Porcelain tiles that resemble wood might be an ideal alternative to hardwood if you want to add an organic touch to your shower’s atmosphere while keeping it sturdy and economical.


Porcelain tiles are also great for transforming your bathroom into a Scandinavian-style sauna! The wood grain porcelain tile’s warmth is adaptable enough to fit into any shower design.


Porcelain tile for steam showers is a low-maintenance option that combines excellent performance with an elegant appearance without the care or weathering that other materials need!


Natural Stone Tiles


Like the luxurious marble found in ancient Roman baths, natural stone tiles set the tone for the ideal showering experience. Natural stone tile has such a timeless appeal that it is still one of the most popular options for traditional bathroom designs and contemporary showers!


When it’s not in use, though, it’s important to establish an atmosphere that repels water and stays as dry as possible. As a result of their porous nature, natural stones are not usually the best tiles for steam shower enclosures.


Steam is absorbed by natural stone tiles, which can retain moisture. Aside from that, natural stone tiles release heat rather than retaining it, allowing all steam to escape. That means you’ll need more electricity or a bigger steam generator for your stone tile wall.


If you want to use natural stone tiles in your steam shower, be sure to verify with the manufacturer to make sure the tiles are appropriate for your needs. Prepare for a regular maintenance regimen, such as sealing tiles at least once a year and checking your walls, ceilings, and floors for mildew, to ensure the long-term beauty of your marble or stone tiles.


Glass Shower Tiles


Because it is a non-porous and stain-resistant material, glass tile is another choice that is technically ideal for steam showers. However, you must choose specific glass tiles appropriate for a steam shower, as we’ll explain.


Clear glass can display any moisture trapped below the tiles. Thus colored glass is the ideal choice for a steam shower. Glass tiles may cloud due to steam vapor clouds, dulling their luster while in use.


Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic tile, like porcelain, is a non-porous alternative that is great for steam showers. Allow your imagination to go wild when it comes to shower ideas that include a wide selection of colors; ceramic tiles will keep up! There is a lovely range of tile colors to pick from, each with its own detail, texture, and finish.


What if you want a little more color? You can simply create a colorful wall inside your steam shower with ceramic tiles by selecting from a spectrum of stunning colors.


Natural stone tiles cannot endure the same amount of wear and tear as ceramic and porcelain tiles. A ceramic tile is a low-maintenance option for steam showers with the correct grout and frequent cleaning. Check the manufacturer’s hardness rating with the (PEI) number just in case to be sure they’re strong enough to use in the shower.


Which Tiles Should You Use in a Steam Shower?


Hopefully, the sections above have answered this question and provided you with the information you need to find tiles that suit your requirements and cleaning preferences.


To summarise, natural stone tiles will appear beautiful, but they will require more attention to proper cleaning, frequent sealing, and a greater capacity steam generator to maintain the temperature. In the long run, ceramic or porcelain tiles may be less expensive to maintain while providing the same aesthetic advantages as stone or marble steam shower tiles!


Recognizing different materials is unquestionably the most important step, but it is not enough in and of itself to choose the best steam shower tile. Continue reading to learn about a few design considerations you should make before making your tile selection.


Key Factors To Consider When Installing A Steam Shower


Check for Insulation


Even if you choose the most flawless and long-lasting steam shower tile, you’ll need a properly insulated substrate to place your tiles on. This will help you get the most out of your tile and work investment while also preserving the integrity of your walls and ceilings since water condensation may cause wall cavities, which can lead to fungus growth and structural damage!


Even with most steam showers, improved waterproofing methods have made it feasible to avoid moisture from leaking into the walls or foundation! Before you place tiles anywhere in your steam shower, make sure you have proper insulation, regardless of the sort of tiles you pick.


Slanted Ceilings with Smaller Tiles


A slanted ceiling is another important design aspect for a steam shower since it enables condensation to drain properly and prevents large drops from landing on you while you relax!


On curved ceilings, use smaller tiles because they create more beautiful slopes. Always use mosaic tiles with a mesh backing with at least 95% contact between the tile and the backer board because you need that contact between the tile and the wall.


How to Clean Steam Shower Tile


Finally, whatever tiles you choose will need some maintenance to guarantee that they last as long as possible. Steam cleaners provide the best results on even the most difficult to clean surfaces when it comes to cleaning your tiles in a steam shower. Cleaning steam shower tiles is, fortunately, a lot easier than you would imagine! Instead of cleaning, you can use a steam unit to remove dirt, germs, and grime from your surfaces! When you take the time to steam clean your shower tiles correctly, your shower will not only look shining, but it will also be hygienic and germ-free, making for a healthier environment!


Another important factor in preventing moisture damage and mildew in your steam shower is ensuring it has enough ventilation. While it’s important to keep the shower totally enclosed while it’s in use, it’s also important to let it air out after each shower.


To eliminate any chance of humidity causing damage to your tile or shower joints, run the exhaust fan in your bathroom during and after your shower, and keep the door open after usage to allow the residual vapor to evaporate entirely.


To keep your shower tiles clean, have a low-PH cleanser on available and spray and wipe them off after each use. After cleaning the tiles, a shower towel should be used to wipe away any residual water and allow for proper ventilation.


Are you looking for a simple way to keep your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures clean? It’s as easy as squeezing a lemon! Cut the lemon in half and rub it over regions with strong water stains. Allow it to rest for up to a minute before washing it off and wiping it down with a clean towel.


Consider the Tile Size


The size of the tile chosen will be determined by the size of the bathroom. The taste of the particular homeowner and the budget and current trends all play a role in the selection. To get a sense of the current styles, go to tile stores or look them up online and start dialing in your preferences. Some people like the aesthetic of plain white subway tile, while others prefer the look of patterned large-format tile. There’s a lot to look at, and the size and layout of the bathroom should also be considered while making a decision.


While there are no hard and fast restrictions, some of the most common tile sizes, such as 12 × 12, 16 x 16, and 12 x 24, are among the most popular. 3 × 6 subway tiles are also widely used. We recommend using large tiles to make a space look larger and small tiles to make a room appear more streamlined. If it’s going to be a do-it-yourself project, consider that as well. Despite their popularity, large-format tiles may be challenging to work with, particularly when putting them on a wall. Smaller tiles require extra grouting and/or cutting.


Adventurous DIY enthusiasts may wish to experiment with other layouts to add interest as well. Smaller subway tiles, for example, can be put in a variety of patterns, including running bond, offset, herringbone, and diagonal. A diamond form can be created by rotating square tiles. As a feature strip or even a feature wall, mosaic tile or smaller tiles might be used. The layout can be used in a variety of ways to improve the design’s attractiveness. Just remember to put in some additional time for planning.


It’s simple to make a layout mockup on a tile floor, but it’s more difficult on the walls of a shower. Remember to take accurate measures and to keep in mind that there are multiple walls to consider, and they are often connected. Also, keep in mind any built-in design elements, such as a shower niche, may be difficult to replicate with a certain style of tile. Before buying a shower tile, consider the size and arrangement of the space. This will help you in selecting the material that will work best in the space.


Should You Be Worried About Slipping?


While large format porcelain tile is ideal for the walls, as previously said, we prefer small format porcelain tile for the floor, along with a steam shower grout. Larger formats with a textured surface are also an option. A honed or brushed floor finish offers grip and safety, but honed surfaces don’t resist water as effectively as brushed surfaces, which is why a solid drainage system is necessary.


Does the Color or Shade of the Stone or Tile Matter?


There’s no need to worry about color or shade with non-porous materials, but darker stones should be avoided since they may effloresce, which means minerals in the stone find their way to the surface and create a white haze. On dark stones, the hazing is even more visible.


steam room

How To Build a Steam Room

steam room

The benefits and pleasures of steam rooms are already familiar to everyone who has ever enjoyed lingering a little too long in a hot shower. Showers that last for a long time are transformed into steam rooms, which are designed specifically for steam baths. You may relax in a secure and comfortable environment while the steam rooms create regular and dependable steam.


A warm, moist atmosphere has been proved to be beneficial in alleviating dry skin and clogged sinuses, as well as providing a wonderful opportunity to relax completely and ease tight muscles. Adding essential oils or other mood-boosting smells can also provide the advantages of aromatherapy in a home environment. After making use of the benefits of a relaxing steam bath, a quick rinse in the same shower is convenient.


Several steam rooms feature glass enclosures to assist keep the steam contained, and many have chairs to ensure that you get more enjoyment out of your steam experience as possible. Steam showers aren’t just for, but anybody searching for a little added luxury in their home would like the thought of returning home to a steaming shower upon arrival.


Sore muscles are soothed, the skin is moisturized, stress is reduced in steam rooms. Cold and flu symptoms can be alleviated by using a steam room’s moist heat in conjunction with certain oils.


What Is A Steam Room?

outdoor steam room

The exterior of a ski sauna in the back yard of a ski chalet rental in Sameon, France.

A steam room is a small area that contains a device that creates steam for the primary function of steam-bathing, as defined by the International Standards Organization. It is possible that certain wood features will be used in the design of the space, which is covered in waterproof materials such as tile or stone.


During functioning, steam is generated by a generator that is positioned outside the cage. Steam enclosures, like showers, feature slanted flooring and drains to accommodate the large volume of condensed water that accumulates within.


Steam Rooms vs Sauna


Saunas are often located in rooms that are heated to temperatures ranging from 70° to 100° Celsius (158° to 212° Fahrenheit). Traditional saunas are typically heated with dry heat, with humidity levels ranging between 10 – 20 on a regular basis. The moisture content of other sauna kinds is greater. Greek saunas, for example, have a higher amount of humidity than other types of saunas.


The usage of a sauna may elevate the temperature of the skin to around 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit. As the temperature of the skin rises, excessive perspiration occurs as well as the body struggles to maintain its temperature, the heart rate increases. When you spend a short period of time in a sauna, it is not unusual to lose around a pint of sweat.


Health Benefits Of Steam Room Showers


Improves Blood Circulation


Spending time in a steam room may have a big positive impact on your heart health. Research conducted on elderly people by a reputable source revealed that moist heat increased circulation, particularly in the extremities. A decrease in blood pressure and a stronger heart are two benefits of improved circulation. It can also aid in the repair of skin tissue that has been damaged.


Reduces Stress Levels


The use of a steam room can also help to reduce the amount of cortisol produced by your body. Cortisol is the hormone that is responsible for regulating the amount of stress that you experience. The reduction in cortisol levels allows for a greater sense of control and relaxation. Spending a few minutes in a deep relaxation not only benefits your health, but it also has the added benefit of healing your mind and improving your concentration.


Helps To Clear Congestion


Steam rooms produce an atmosphere that heats the mucous membranes and facilitates deep breathing, both of which are beneficial. Therefore, employing one can assist in breaking up congestion within your sinuses and lungs when you need it most.


Due to the possibility of scalding yourself if you use steam treatment incorrectly, steam treatment for curing colds and sinus problems at home is a contentious treatment option. Steam rooms, on the other hand, are reasonably safe, as long as you don’t stay in them for an extended period of time.


Gives You Clear And Clean Skin


Through environmental exposure, all sorts of toxins can become trapped underneath your skin. Steam rooms help solve that problem by using heat to open up your pores. The warm condensation rinses away the dirt and dead skin that can lead to breakouts. As a result, you may have clearer and more even-toned skin.


Boosts Immunity


It is well-known that various types of hydrotherapy, including steam rooms, can help to enhance one’s immunity. The exposure of your body to warm water encourages the production of leukocytes, which are immune cells that help fight illness. Sitting in a steam room when you’re battling off a cold should just not be your first line of defense, though, because there is no evidence that the steam can eradicate an infection that has already begun to grow. However, using steam rooms on a regular basis can provide your bloodstream an immune boost, which may result in you being sick less frequently.


Helps Burn Calories


You will notice an increase in the heart rate when in the steam room or the sauna. The heart rate is already raised after aerobic activity, and using a steam room can help to maintain that elevation for longer periods of time. Saunas and steam rooms, while used properly, stimulate the body in ways that traditional exercise does not. This is according to the specialists.


Types Of Steam Rooms


There are two types of steam rooms that are commonly used in residential settings:  steam rooms and steam showers.


Steam Rooms


Steam is produced in dedicated steam rooms, but there is no running water. They are all either custom-designed steam rooms built to the requirements of the homeowner or pre-made steam room units which are installed on-site by the contractor. Steam rooms are spacious, with lots of seats, shelves, and other amenities.


Steam rooms may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, and sometimes much more if they are properly installed. The steam generator equipment itself can range in price from $1,300 to $4,000, depending on its features.


Steam Showers


Showers with functional controls that also have the ability to produce steam are known as “steam showers.” Because the steam shower is just a few square feet in size, the steam generator is typically in the 6 – 8 kW range. Despite this, the steam shower may fill with a gentle mist after a minute or two of turning on.


Besides the standard ledges and shelves seen in conventional showers, steam showers will contain one or two tiny chairs for added comfort. The cost of a steam shower unit is between $2,000 and $5,500.


Things To Consider Before You Begin Your Home Steam Room Installation


Size And Locations


If you believe that a steam shower is not appropriate for every bathroom, you are completely incorrect. It may be used in both high-end and low-end residences with ease. However, before beginning any project, the very first thing you must consider is the size and location of the space available. All that is required is that you have adequate room to accommodate this element.


If you want to take a steam shower, the best height would be approximately 2.10 meters, based on the shower model. Of course, such metric might be very lower. The dimensions of the steam shower are determined by your requirements in terms of height, breadth, and depth. Just remember that the larger your shower, the more steam will be required to fill the space where you may recline and enjoy yourself for around 15 minutes after you step out.


Be Careful With The Insulation And Materials


In order for the steam shower to accomplish its primary purpose and maintain the proper amount of steam, the insulation must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Shower doors and walls should be locked and insulated to avoid undesirable scenarios such as leaks or quick loss of steam in the shower. Whenever installing a steam shower, tiles, stone, as well as other moisture-resistant materials must be examined as options for the flooring and walls.


Windows and Skylights


The windows in your bath or steam room must be double-paned to avoid any heating and cooling from flowing in or going out during your session. Fine Homebuilding magazine’s experts also recommend the use of vinyl-clad windows, a cement backer board, a watertight membrane, and high-quality silicone caulk when building a house.


Shower Door


The kind of shower doors you select for steam rooms is the most important consideration. The most popular form of steam shower door used in steam rooms is a hinge or swinging steam shower door that is vapor-proof. Depending on your preference, these doors can be opened on either side of the entrance entry into your steam shower enclosure. Steam doors with hinges that swing outwardly from the steam chamber are installed for safety reasons.


Steam Generator Location


Take into consideration the location where you will place the steam shower generator. It is possible to place a steam generator anywhere between 60 feet of the steam room, such as a warm attic or basement, a cupboard, a cabinet, or another location.


Please keep in mind that it’s recommended to give 12 inches of extra space on the top edge to allow for servicing and appropriate ventilation to occur. Installing the steam generator within the shower surround or in an unheated area where the water system pipes may freeze is not recommended.


Steps For Designing And Building Your Steam Shower


Step 1: Design The Shower


In order to use the steam room, you must have a seat. If you have a spacious steam bath, a constructed bench is a good option. If the room is restricted, a foldable seat is a good option. Water drainage must be accommodated by the slope of built-in seats.


The steam output should be located distant from both the entry and the seating area in order to ensure the bather’s safety and comfort.


Step 2: Choose The Material


The temperature of the steam entering the shower should be quite high: 212°F. However, some materials, such as ceramic tile and real stone, may not even be able to tolerate the high temperatures. Before picking acrylic other synthetic plastic-based materials, carefully check with the manufacturer to find out about temperature restrictions and expansion.


As a result, ensure that the material you pick for the steam shower is totally waterproof to ensure that all surfaces, including the ceiling, are completely protected from moisture.


The use of insulation for internal walls is entirely optional. Because a typical residential steam bath lasts only a few minutes, the amount of energy saved by insulating the inner walls is quite little.


Please make certain that the door is especially intended for a steam room. Typically, the door would be entirely sealed on both sides as well as the top of the door. Keeping the bottom of the door open allows for more ventilation and makes it easier to open and close the door.


Step 3: Install The Door


Only after walls have been completed will you be able to install the door. The installer will now be able to accurately measure the aperture for the door installation. Remember to buy a transom if you do not want to leave the shower door open to enable the water to dry after you have a shower.


Step 4: Finishing Touches


The final finish would be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure that all electrical connections are secure before checking the steam shower and also that the water is switched on to the steam generator before starting the test.


Final Words


Steam rooms are generally considered to be a decent investment if you were already going to refurbish that section of your bathroom in the first place. The costs of installing a shower are comparable to those of installing a normal shower. To summarise, be certain that you have covered all of your bases.


Including a visit to the steam room in your post-workout regimen can help you recover faster and feel better overall by decreasing your recovery time. Despite the fact that steam rooms must never be used to substitute therapies which your doctor has recommended, they are a wonderful location to relax while also reaping some health advantages at the same time.

Tolo Sauna

Sauna Shower – an entire guideline for beginners

No doubt, the sauna bath is an incredible option to improve health conditions via beating out various health issues. It is just a simple and relaxing procedure that you can follow to get exciting results. Please give it a read to get further information.

Tolo Sauna

History of Saunas

With a population of over five million people, Finland has an exciting three million saunas to enjoy sauna baths and their related benefits to health and wellness. Finish saunas are not constraint to Finland only, yet they are spread all over the world these days. Now you can easily find the Finnish saunas widely spread in various spas and gyms as well.

But, the actual history of the sauna bath is still unknown and what is known is unclear. Actually, there is no one who knows where and how the first Sauna was built. But there is a bit of information about the origination of this tradition which was observed somewhere in Northern Europe around 2000 BC. This tradition remained an essential part of the cultural life in various countries, including Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

The inhabitants of these countries love debating who has the best Sauna right now. But the fact is that their traditions and building techniques have evolved to a considerable extent in the past few thousand years. The saunas of ancient history were different from those observed in middle history. In the same sense, advanced saunas are incredibly different from those found ever before. With the advancement and modernization, the techniques and methodology of saunas have also been changed to a large extent.

Sauna bath

There is considerable confusion about the similarities and differences between a sauna and a steam shower. People have confusion related to different aspects of steam showers and sauna baths in their heads. Is there any difference between the two? Which one of the two goes well for you? Have they had any kind of positive impacts on well-being and human health? Simply, the answer to the first question is obviously “yes”. The latter two are a bit complicated. But, hold on, we are here to provide you with the answer to your queries as much as we can.

When we talk about the primary and fundamental difference between the two, it is moisture. Both of these systems make use of heat, but a sauna uses dry heat while a steam shower uses moist heat. Both of them are widely used for stress relief and relaxation from several medical conditions. Both have different benefits to human health in different regards. You are free to choose one from the two that you find suitable for you in terms of your choice, benefits, lifestyle, availability and personal preferences. Let’s break it down.

Sauna bath and Steam shower

The terms “sauna” and “steam shower” can be used interchangeably. But on the same side, they also find the difference in several aspects. They differ hugely in terms of the potential therapeutic benefits and their working principles. Both of them are the best option to choose with some specific health conditions as dry heat is suitable for some conditions, so does wet heat is.  If you are searching for one of the most suitable types of the bath to get the desired outcomes, your search is over now as you have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to clear all the aspects that can be related to it in any way.

Our guideline will cover a significant portion of your concerns related to the baths, but in case you have any kind of health concerns, be more careful. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or are pregnant, it would be best to make sure to consult your healthcare provider. Then, you will be able to get a better suggestion about which bath is safe for you. Could you read it all to explore more?

Difference between sauna bath and steam shower

If we start to discuss the main difference between sauna bath and steam shower, the construction of their spaces comes first. Both of these systems have entirely different construction using different materials and techniques. When we talk about the steam shower, its rooms are constructed from glass blocks, non-porous ceramic tiles, or other waterproof materials conducive to the most kind of environment.

On the other hand, the steam sauna shower has a traditional and unique space that uses woodwork. The food is first processed in a kiln to dry it and then used as a construction material. The spaces for sauna baths actually possess wood properties as they do not get hot like stone and ceramic materials. Another difference between both kinds of baths is the level of humidity. Steam showers are commonly referred to as wet heat showers and saunas as dry forms of heat therapy.

Temperature also stands on the list while talking about the key differences between steam and sauna baths. Because of the difference in construction material, both hold different temperature extremes. The ceramic materials of steam shower rooms get heated up because of the heat. While, on the other hand, wood can better cope with temperature extremes. The wood of sauna spaces that is dried in a kiln can better cope with a high temperature. That is why there lies a vast difference between the two.

How does the steam sauna shower work?

Sauna is traditionally constructed from cedar or spruce wood dried in the kiln. This kind of processed wood can withstand a relatively much lower level of humidity and higher temperature. As wood has much capacity to absorb moisture which not only keeps the surface cooler but also helps a lot in pulling humidity out of air.


  • The heater of Sauna: Sauna often uses water to pour over rocks to enhance the humidity in the Sauna. A sauna may make use of several heat sources, like an electric heater, a wood stove, or an infrared lamp. In the case of the infrared Sauna, an individual’s body is heated directly instead of the air being heated.


  • Sauna space: The space that you separate for Sauna is made of kiln-dried wood. The wood will not get hot as the stones can. This factor is highly beneficial as it protects the users from burns. These spaces not only aid you feel good, but they also make you look good and keep you healthy just by sitting still. Isn’t it amazing?


  • The temperature of the Sauna: In contrast to steam showers, saunas operate at a high temperature that ranges between 160 Fahrenheit and 200 Fahrenheit with deficient humidity levels. This humidity can be as low as between 10 to 20 per cent.

Impacts on human health and well-being

Saunas are found to do wonders for the body and mind. A recent report by Mayo Clinic clearly declares that sauna bathing has various health benefits. They include lowering the risk of vascular diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, high blood pressure, and neurocognitive diseases, such as pulmonary diseases as the common flu, treatment of specific skin conditions, pain in rheumatic disease and headache. The result of a study done in Finland discusses the same outcomes. Interestingly, nearly a third of adults have taken sauna baths regularly for thousands of years in Finland.


  • Benefits to skin


Sauna baths impart collective benefits, which are much beneficial for your skin. They can facilitate the opening of your pores and boost the blood circulation level, which can help soften your skin. While aiding softer skin, the use of a sauna bath can also do an exceptional job of eradicating impurities of the skin.


  • Impacts on body muscles


When it is about the relaxation of body muscles, it is also an extraordinary game-changer. It helps relieve tension in the body and also minimizes joint pain. Those who have injured themselves or have joint pains can get good results from this bath. Taking a sauna bath regularly can help you get back to full fitness and aid recovery.

As mentioned on the top, heat resulting from some no is the best way to relax muscles. This is very beneficial for everyone who has had a strenuous workout routine in the gym and helps your muscles feel at is along you to work out and feel fresh again. Releasing tension and rapid recovery of your muscles is like a key to progressing as it makes you able to work out intensely day in and day out.

  • Relieves stress

While dealing with everyday concerns and challenging work routines, everyone is likely to feel stressed. Why not relieve that stress in a relaxing and simple way? Several reports and evidence are declaring soundbox way to live stress levels that you may feel because of your hectic everyday activities. The dry heat of the sauna bath helps your body release hormones called endorphins. It is a feel-good chemical that aids sleep, reducing the effects of stress.

  • Improves breathing

Besides the unique health benefits of the steam sauna shower, the steam room itself has many advantages. The heat from the sauna room help open up your airways that improve your breathing rate, and alleviate congestion. Such a bath opens the mucous membranes of the body and helps relieve the pressure. Those who are suffering from asthma or feeling slightly under the weather can enjoy numerous benefits of these baths. Besides breathing only, stream rooms can increase the rate of metabolism, which can aid weight loss.

  • Aids emotional relaxation

Both kinds of bathes, saunas and steam rooms, offer the same kind of emotional as well as physical relaxation. Both dry and wet heat cause stimulation of the sedative effects that help generate feelings of relaxation and calmness. Those who are suffering from mood or emotional disorders can find the best and relaxing results with regular practice of such bathes.

Comparison between saunas and steam showers

So now, you are searching for the more suitable bat type for you, Right? Hold on! We are here to make the right choice easy for you. Actually, both bathes have a whole list of benefits that help you improve your physical and mental health better. But while making a selection, you should know about your situation and preferences first of all. When we talk about impacts on health, then the type of moist is a thin worth considering,

As a steam shower make use of wet heat, it may prove a suitable choice for those individuals who are dealing with congestion or some kind of allergies. On the other hand, saunas can be a relatively more beneficial option for those with rheumatoid arthritis as humidity can exacerbate the condition.

Either you are going to choose a sauna or a steam shower, and the ultimate and wise choice is to consult a health care provider. He better understands what will go better with you.

Coping with the dehydration caused by a sauna bath

Sauna is all about the application of dry heat directly on the body to get desired excellent results. So, it is crystal clear from the entire context that dry heat can make you feel dehydrated. To stay hydrated, make sure to drink a lot of water before as well as after using a sauna. If you are going to take a steam sauna shower for the first time, prefer staying there for only 10 to 15 minutes to get used to this new exciting experience.

Final thoughts

Both the “saunas” and “steam showers” are beneficial somehow; one must be careful while opting for anyone. Dry heat goes well with some specific health conditions, while some can better bear wet heat. So, considering your health conditions before making a choice is a must. As you are not only selecting a bath but a better and relaxing way to enjoy a good living. If you are not pretty much sure about what to go with, consulting with a health care provider is a fantastic option. He better understands the impacts of dry and wet heat on your health conditions.

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Is A Steam Room Shower Worth It?

Steam showers are becoming more popular as a spa treatment at home. There are various compelling reasons for homeowner’s interest in these fixtures. They’re simple to use and provide several health benefits. Most importantly, they increase the value of a house while saving homeowners money on spa passes and the time it takes to commute to and from a local spa. Furthermore, unlike a sauna or steam room, the steam shower is a self-contained device. For households, this means less upkeep and space is required to gain the same health advantages as a sauna or steam room.


But if you’re stuck in flirting mode, you’re probably wondering whether steam showers are worth the time or effort. We don’t blame you for wondering, but the answer is a resounding yes: steam showers are well worth the investment. Let’s take a look at the many aspects of this question and try to unpack it.


What Is a Steam Room Shower?

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A steam shower is a shower stall that can generate enough steam to provide a pleasant, warm, humid environment without using hot water for a long period of time. Steam has been shown to help dry skin and blocked sinuses and provide a great chance to relax fully and relieve tense muscles in a warm, moist environment. Aromatherapy benefits can also be introduced by adding essential oils or other mood-boosting fragrances. After enjoying the benefits of a nice steam bath, a fast rinse in the same shower is easy.


Most steam showers include glass enclosures to help keep the steam confined, and many have seats to help you get the most out of your steam enjoyment. Steam showers aren’t for everyone, but anybody looking for a little extra luxury at home may like the concept of arriving home to steam.


How Tough Is It to Install a Steam Shower?


Although it may seem daunting, installing a steam shower is relatively simple and affordable, contrary to popular belief. It’ll be easy in part because you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals—licensed plumbers and electricians. You don’t need to be in there installing circuit breakers, or water supply feeds. Relax. Take a look at your social media feeds. Have some fun with the dog.


But do get in on the fun part: deciding on materials, finishes, and colors, as well as the steam shower control has the bells and whistles you require and any steam shower extras like ChromaTherapy or AromaTherapy. It’s your adventure, so go ahead and enjoy it.


The steam shower is quite easy to use after it’s been installed. Flip a switch. Use a steam shower control that allows you to pre-configure start times and desired temperature for individuals who want to “set it and forget it.”


How Much Does a Steam Shower Cost?


A solo steam generator or a steam shower kit are the two options for installing a steam shower for homes. Generators range in price from roughly $800, including installation expenses, to thousands of dollars, depending on the features, power levels, and other factors. Because plumbing is involved, it’s better to leave the installation to the professionals. Steam shower kits may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.


A standalone generator can be put in a wall with the rest of the plumbing in a new shower stall to create steam via a steam head; the control panel and steam exit can be left visible for a sleek aesthetic. You could put a steam shower in an existing shower, but it would need some clever maneuvering and is generally best done when a new shower is installed.


The glass enclosure, steam generator, and standard shower accessories, such as a rainfall showerhead, massage jets, and more, are included in steam shower kits. These are undoubtedly luxuries, costing $3,000 and up, and contain surround sound speakers, radios, and more for an amazing steam shower experience. It’s also recommended to leave the installation of steam shower kits to the professionals.


Will a Steam Room Shower Increase the Value of My Home?


Yes, and possibly in ways you hadn’t thought. Bathroom renovations are among the top three home upgrades that appeal to homebuyers, as well as among the top three investments that are likely to boost resale value to the property, according to the National Association of Realtors.


Listings mentioning ‘steam showers,’ an enclosed shower that can also be utilized as a steam room, sell for 30 percent more than expected prices, according to Zillow’s “2019 Home Features that Sell” analysis.


While everyone has different design preferences, being particular and smart with your home’s listing description may have a large financial benefit when it comes time to sell, according to Zillow. Today’s homebuyers are particularly interested in homes with spa-inspired bathrooms.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a steam shower while you’re still living there. Bathroom renovations received a high rating of 9.6 from the National Association of Realtors’ “joy score.” According to the organization, 62 percent of homeowners have a stronger desire to be at home after the project was completed, 57 percent have a better feeling of satisfaction at home, and 78 percent have a strong sense of accomplishment when thinking about the project.


Is A Steam Room Shower Good For My Health?


A steam shower is a wise investment in terms of health. In the United States, healthcare prices are increasing so fast that even when covered by insurance, families are paying thousands of dollars each year in out-of-pocket charges, increased co-pays, and larger deductibles. Our point? A steam shower may help you in maintaining your health.


This is because steam showers have been shown to lower chronic stress and improve the capacity to sleep deeply and restfully. Sleeping well can help you perform better at work or school and improve your mood. Steam showers may help with congestion caused by colds and allergies.


Benefits Of Installing A Steam Shower




Compared to a typical shower almost solely utilized for hygiene purposes, steam showers have significant health advantages. Saunas and steam baths may help your body’s defensive system, which is especially important in the winter. It is beneficial to one’s cardiovascular health. For these two reasons, endurance athletes use saunas or steam baths regularly. Steam room showers may also reduce the symptoms of rheumatism and chronic pain.




Steam showers are somewhat larger than standard shower stalls, although they are far smaller than the various installations they can replace. A sauna, like a steam bath, is usually located in a separate room. The size of a steam enclosure is double that of a standard shower stall. On the other hand, a steam enclosure can provide what the other kinds cannot in terms of efficiency and benefits. Except for very small bathrooms, almost any bathroom could fit such a shower.




A steam shower combines a regular shower with a multi-jet shower that sprays water in all directions at you. A sauna, a steam bath, and a sound system with an mp3 player and a radio are all possible additions. There are also steam showers with modern decor. Some of them contain several chromotherapy lights from which you can choose one that best suits your mood.




A steam shower is like having your personal spa at home. You may get a massage from the water jets. Both the sauna and the steam bath can help you unwind. All of this while listening to your favorite music in a warm and inviting environment. What could be a better way to end a stressful day or prepare for a long week at work?


Easy Installation


Steam showers do, of course, need a connection to your home’s plumbing pipes, but that is about all they require. Because they’re a closed system, they don’t even need to stand on a tiled surface. These units can be used in any room in the house. All that is required is selecting a preferred location for the installation of the required water lines. You won’t have to lay any tiles, and you won’t have to perform any dirty work. As a result, installing a steam enclosure over a standard shower stall may be less expensive. As ludicrous as it may sound, you should consider installing a steam shower even if you think you cannot afford it.


Good Hygiene


A typical steam shower is a completely enclosed system. It doesn’t let any water out. If you don’t want to pat yourself dry with a towel inside the cabin, it only exits the steam shower via the steam that departs once you open the door and through your skin. Steam enclosures, unlike tiles and joints in a regular bathroom, usually exceed extremely high standards and are completely mold-proof.


Design and Style


The design and style are the last aspects to be discussed. They range in style from traditional Finnish sauna to ultra-modern, brightly colored sauna. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bathroom that doesn’t benefit from the addition of a stunning new steam enclosure.


Things To Consider Before Installing a Steam Shower


It’s easy to become used to a steam shower. Installing this style of shower, on the other hand, may not be that simple — at least not if you are unfamiliar with the process.


Your Bathroom Needs Plenty of Space


Although a steam shower may seem a luxury, it is possible to have one even in a small home or bathroom. While the width and depth of the shower aren’t as important, the height of the shower is. To fill the area, more steam must be created as the shower rises in height. Around 7 feet tall is the perfect height. It’s best to have a steam shower with enough room for a bench or seat so you may sit in the steam for 15 minutes or more.


It’s Going to Consume Plenty Of Electricity


Although steam doesn’t take much water, expect your power cost to rise if you use the shower regularly. How much extra it will cost you to use your steam shower is determined by how often you use it. The generator must be linked to a power source, which is usually 220 or 240 volts.


Beware of Slipping


A steam shower should help relieve aches and pains, but it might potentially cause new injuries. When this style of shower is in use, the floor might get slippery, which can be harmful to elderly or disabled people. Install anti-slip strips on the floor before the shower is used for the first time, and remind everybody who uses the shower to take care while stepping in and out.


It Matters Where the Generator Is Installed


The steam generator is an integral part of every steam shower. This unit should be close to the shower and in a warm area of the house to prevent the pipes from freezing during cold weather. There should be enough area in the installation location for the generator to be serviced if required.


Steam Equals Condensation


Keep in mind that steam is just water. When the steam condenses into condensation, the shower enclosure might become extremely dripping. While this isn’t an issue in a normal shower, having water drip on your head can be distracting during a relaxing steam session. That’s why the shower ceiling has to be sloped to keep dripping water away from you when you sit or stand.


Should You Get a Steam Shower?


If you were planning to renovate that part of your bathroom anyway, a steam shower is usually a good investment. The costs of installation are similar to those of a standard shower. Simply make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. To avoid condensation, you’ll need to slope the ceiling and seal any non-waterproof sections and fixtures.


Even if you don’t use the steam shower as frequently as you planned, you’ll recoup part of your investment when you sell your house. When looking for a new home, many people look for steam showers. It’s a nice feature that can distinguish your house from others in the area.


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How to use essential oils in the shower?

Showering is one of the must-to-do tasks that you need to do every day. Without it, you would smell bad and irritated throughout the day. Most of the time, working people shower in a rush that deprives them of proper cleaning and the ultimate showering experience. All this can be achieved by aromatherapy, which includes using essential oils.


Aromatherapy has many benefits and cures many diseases and conditions such as depression and anxiety. However, the beneficial effects of aromatherapy can only be gained if you know different types of essential oils. Plus, how to use essential oils in the shower.


How to use essential oils in the shower?

essential oil in the shower

There are several ways in which you can use essential oils in the shower. However, some of the most vital and effective ones are specified below.


Use a tea ball to diffuse your desired essential oil

One of the best ways to learn how to use essential oils in the shower is to use a tea infuser, also known as a tea ball, and make a homemade shower diffuser. To do this, grab a tea ball and fill it with Epsom salt and a few drops of your desired essential oil.


Make sure not to overfill it with salt, as this would dry up all the essential oils. The recommended amount of Epsom salt that you should put in the tea ball is about half the size of a tea ball. Then hang the tea infuser from the bath caddy, and voila!


Use a washcloth

Another way in which you can use essential oils is to use a washcloth. To get the benefits of aromatherapy when showering, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and hang them around your faucet, or showerhead. Some people wet their washcloth first before adding a few drops of essential oils, while some do not.


However, the most effective way is the dry one, as cold water can ruin the aroma of essential oils, which can hurt your aromatherapy session.


A steam cup is your best friend

Steam cups are super affordable, and almost all households have one. Therefore, for a pleasant aromatherapy session, grab a steam cup and pour water in it alongside a few drops of your desired essential oil.


Make sure that water is warm or hot, so steam can build up. Steam is necessary to diffuse the essential oil and spread the pleasant aroma of the oil.


Mix your essential oil in your shampoo

Are you looking for the most convenient methods for how to use essential oils? Then, make sure to mix your favorite essential oil in your conditioner and shampoo. Essential oils are great for both body and hair, and applying them topically aids more benefits.


To mix your favorite essential oil:

  • Choose your favorite essential oil (which is obvious)
  • Add a few drops of the essential oil to your shampoo.


Now, make sure not to add more than 5-6 drops per 1oz of your shampoo, as essential oils are extremely concentrated and can irritate your skin.


Mix it in body wash

As specified, essential oils are great for your skin when applied in a diluted amount. Hence, you can also add a few drops of your desired essential oil to the body wash that you use. Again, remember not to overdo the drops.


Usually, 18-25 drops are needed to be mixed with an ounce of body wash. Therefore, follow this rule, and you would be fine.


For a more pleasant experience consider buying shower aromatherapy showerheads and steamers

The title says it all, if you want it, then just grab some of them online. Aromatherapy shower steamers are like bath bombs that froths and releases essential oils. However, bath bombs, in general, do not produce enough aroma when compared to aromatherapy shower steamers.


So, buying aromatherapy shower steamers is one of the best answers to the question “how to use essential oils in the shower”.


Aromatherapy Showerheads are another way to have a more mesmerizing showering and spa-like experience.


Unlike ordinary shower heads, aromatherapy shower heads use fragrance capsules and cartridges that infuse essential oil into the water. Plus, aromatherapy showerheads also reduce chlorine concentration and bacteria in the water. Hence, it is a win-win situation.


What is truly the best way to use essential oils in the shower?

We have discussed some of the most convenient ways about how to use essential oils in the shower. Now, we will discuss what is the best way in which you can use essential oil in the shower, and get a spa-like experience.

Steam shower

sauna shower

The best way to use essential oil in the shower to enjoy a luxurious aromatherapy session is to get a steam bath. To get a steam bath in your home, you can get a steam pump and enjoy the perfect aromatherapy session.

Steam pump or generator rapidly converts water into steam and diffuses essential oils. Aromatherapy allows you to have added benefits such as:

  • Strong immunity
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved blood circulation, and plenty more.

Some of the best steam pumps that you can get for your home are:

Steamtec AIO Steam Bath Aroma

aroma steam head

The latest steam generator is an ideal showering product to be categorized as a shower and sauna product. This TOLO steam pump has several new and advanced features. Some of the features include iPhone control and the fast steam option.

Moreover, it also has a salt spray feature. iPhone control enables the steam generator to get connected to your phone through which you can easily control the temperature or other settings. Moreover, it also has an integrated auto aroma pump, which consists of two containers that you can use for two of your favorite essential oils.

In addition, the pump also has a temperature switch that automatically transfers the essential oil in the steam pipe once the temperature is above 85C. Features like these ensure that you get a mesmerizing and hassle-free spa and sauna experience.

Steamtec Stand Alone Aroma

This steam pump can work with any steam generator; therefore, it is highly versatile. It has an automatic pump and an integrated controller, through which you can control the liquid flow and set the waiting time. This TOLO steam pump has two attached bottles, which gives you the benefit of enjoying the fragrance of two essential oils.

Steamtec Sauna heater

A sauna heater is a traditional or old-style electric heater that comes with a painted body. TOLO sauna heaters come in various power ratings, including 3kW to 30kW. It has a built-in control unit, button control unit, touch screen control unit, and good stable durability too.



The above-specified are some of the ways which depict how to use essential oils in the shower.

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Top 10 Best Steam Sauna Shower Combo in 2021

Life is tough, and it is why everyone needs to freshen up their mind to stay motivated and keep working. There are plenty of ways to be relaxed and enjoy a little “me” time to get rid of all the worries. Out of which, taking a sauna bath is one of the most effective and convenient ones. However, driving to fitness centers that offer sauna and spa services can be a bit time-consuming.


Moreover, many people, after working do not have the energy that they could go somewhere else. So, the best way to enjoy the sauna is at home by getting the best steam sauna shower combo. Today, we will discuss the best steam sauna shower combo you can buy in 2021.


The Best Steam Sauna Shower Combo in 2021

Below-specified is the 10 best steam sauna shower combos in 2021.

Dynamic “Andora” 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic andora 2-person Low EMF far infrared sauna

One of the most popular steam sauna shower combos is the Dynamic “Andora” infrared sauna. The sauna is made using 6mm thick Canadian Hemlock wood, which allows the sauna to heat up more in a short period. Moreover, because of the top-quality Hemlock wood, less heat is escaped in the environment.


In addition, Dynamic “Andora” has 6 integrated infrared low EMF carbon energy which work well for heat. Consisting of these IF-based heaters, Dynamic Andora, instead of heating air, heats people more than ordinary saunas. When compared with ordinary saunas having a heating system based on a ceramic tube, Dynamic Andora provides 40%-50% more heat.


When it comes to heating efficiency, Dynamic Andora is the answer. Dynamic Andora sauna has an operating temperature of around 120F-140F, which does not irritate your skin. Due to this, you can enjoy the sauna for a longer time in a comfortable way.


Moreover, Dynamic Sauna also comes with a LED panel, which allows you to set the temperature according to your need and view the current temperature. The overall design of the sauna is exceptional. The sauna has a door and a wall on the side. Both of them consist of tempered glass, which in combination with the color of the Hemlock wood, provides it a vintage look.



There are numerous pros of the dynamic Andora sauna. Some of the most popular ones are specified below.

  • Two integrated speakers and an auxiliary connection for MP3, which allows you to listen to music while you relax in the sauna.
  • Assembling of the sauna takes less time, which is around 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Durable
  • Efficient heating system
  • Integrated 15 A 110 V power outlet.
  • Perfect dimensions, which make it one of the best saunas for indoor use.



Some of the cons of the sauna are:

  • Only 2 people can fit inside the sauna at once.
  • It can be expensive for some people.


Ariel Bath DA333F8 Platinum Steam Shower & Sauna

Ariel platinum da333f8 steam shower

Ariel Bath DA333F8 is another one of the best steam showers and saunas. The overall design of the sauna is futuristic and resembles a giant capsule. The dimensions of the sauna are 59x59x89 and have a whirlpool tub.


Moreover, the sauna has an integrated generator with having a power rating of 3KW, which ensures that enough heat is produced inside the sauna, which benefits you. There are 6 massagers and 6 whirlpool jets and an integrated self-cleaning option as well.


In addition, the LED control panel also lets you adjust the temperature according to your choice, and it even has temperature sensors that make sure that you get the optimal experience of a sauna bath.

FM radio system is also included in Ariel Bath DA333F8, so entertainment is a big yes. Moreover, rainfall and handheld shower also provides you the best showering experience.



Some of the pros of Ariel Bath DA333F8 are specified below.

  • Built-in ventilation system (ventilation fan)
  • Dynamic and vivid chromotherapy illumination
  • The dimensions make the sauna both comfortable and exceedingly spacious
  • Includes shelves for storing things



Some of the cons of the sauna are:

  • Too tall structure
  • Setup is easy, but it is hard to understand the user manual


Aston ZA219-R 24 Body Jets Steam Shower

aston za219 r 24 body jets steam shower

Aston ZA219-R 24 has numerous features, such as a handheld shower and integrated thermostatic, which ensures that the temperature inside the sauna always remains ideal. Moreover, as the name suggests, Aston ZA219-R 24 has 24 body jets, which offers the best spa treatment. They also make you feel luxurious and enhance your shower experience.


In addition, the powerful 3KW generator produces a lot of steam in a few minutes. All this saves you time, and you get to get more benefits. The button-based LED screen control panel lets you control and set the temperature and has a convenient design.



Some of the pros of Aston ZA219-R 24 are:

  • Extremely durable as the sauna is made of Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic.
  • Quick generation of steam
  • Overhead rainfall shower
  • A sturdy aluminum framework, which holds the sauna in one place.
  • Convenient design. Great for indoor use
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • An integrated dynamic speaker and FM radio capability
  • Incorporates flex drain kit and adaptable system for feet leveling that provides a more comfortable spa and sauna.


Some of the cons are:

  • Hard to main
  • It takes time to clean


DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna – Curbside Shipping
dynamic saunas amz-dynN-6106-01 barcelona 1-2 person far infrared sauna

Made from durable reforested Hemlock wood, DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 is one of the most durable saunas of all time. The sauna incorporates 6 heating panels based on IF technology.


Due to this, maximum heat enters your skin. And you get innumerable benefits. All the 6 heating panels are fitted in ideal positions. 2 panels are on the rear wall, 1 heating panel is on each side of the sauna wall, while 1 is under the seat or bench, and the remaining is under the floor bed.


The operating temperature of the sauna is 140, which is both ideal and perfect for people who have sensitive skin.



  • Built-in speakers (2)
  • Supports MP3 connection
  • Touch LED screen that lets you control temperature and view current time
  • Robust
  • Incorporates chromotherapy illumination system, which provides you numerous benefits.



  • Curbside shipping
  • Space is only for 2 people


Maxxus 3 Per Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Corner Canadian Hemlock Sauna
maxxus 3 per low emf far infrared carbon corner canadian hemlock sauna

Maxxus 3 incorporates 9 IF-based EMF Far Carbon heating panels. This technology allows maximum heat to penetrate your body and reduces joint pain, and muscle aches. Moreover, the sauna is made of wood that provides great sturdiness.



  • 3 people can fit inside the sauna at once
  • Safe operating temperature of around 120F to 140F
  • It has an LED touch screen that allows you to control temperature and select numerous options.
  • Integrated MP3 Aux connection
  • Built-in speakers
  • The front door consists of tempered glass, which helps you have maximum privacy.
  • Radio and CD-based music system
  • 60x60x75 convenient dimensions which make it ideal for indoor use



  • it can be expensive for some people
  • 9 heaters may be too much.


Modern Corner Steam Shower 36″ x 36″
modern corner steam shower 36″ x 36″

Made from aluminum and glass, the Modern Corner steam shower features a modern design. To elaborate, the framework is of aluminum, while the doors are glass-based. The sauna incorporates body massage jets, hydro back jets, and a handheld shower that provide the ultimate spa and shower experience.


The LED touchscreen lets you adjust the temperature and choose between numerous showers and massage options, such as foot massage.



  • MP3 aux connection lets you listen to your favorite playlist while you enjoy your sauna
  • Strong
  • Convenient design
  • Ventilation unit



  • Hard to understand instructions manual


58″ x 33″ Soaking Base Steam Shower Enclosure

Having dimensions of about 58×33, the Soaking base steam shower enclosure has an overall modern and convenient design. Handheld and overheard rain showers provide the best showering experience.

58″ x 33″ soaking base steam shower enclosure


Some of the pros of this steam sauna shower combo are:

  • Integrated 3kw generator that produces steam in 4-5 minutes
  • Numerous massage options such as foot massage
  • Body jets
  • Built-in glass-based shelves that look mesmerizing and provide space for storing things
  • FM radio system
  • Dynamic lighting system



  • Does not have MP3 aux connection


Siena Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage
Siena Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage

Siena steam shower is made of stainless steel and tempered glass that makes it a robust steam shower. Moreover, there are numerous options such as a 4kw steam generator, diverse massage options. Massage options include relaxing foot massage, acupressure massage, and more.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Built-in MP3 connection
  • LCD control
  • Dynamic lighting system
  • Spacious
  • FM radio
  • LCD TV



  • Time-consuming installation


Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower
ariel platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L steam shower

The steam shower is made of tempered glass and has a smooth and convenient rectangle shape, which allows the sauna shower to be installed in the corner. Moreover, the sauna shower has 6 body jets and a rainfall ceiling shower that enhances the sauna and spa experience.



  • Powerful 6kw steam generator
  • FM radio
  • Chromotherapy lighting



  • No MP3 system
  • Installation takes time


DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6225-02 Bilbao 2-Person Corner Far Infrared Sauna

DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6225-02 consists of IF-based EMF Far Carbon heating panels. This modern technology allows maximum heat so that you can have added health benefits.


Moreover, the sauna is made of Canadian Hemlock wood that provides durability and a robust design. The steam shower also has a front door consisting of tempered glass, which gives you the added benefit of maximum privacy.



  • Safe operating temperature of around 120F to 140F
  • LED touch screen that allows you to control temperature and select numerous options.
  • MP3 Aux connection with 2 high-quality speakers
  • Radio and CD-based music system
  • Ideal for indoor use



  • It can be a bit out of budget for some people.


How to Choose a Steam Sauna Shower Combo?

Below-specified are the ways in which you can choose steam sauna shower combos.


Door fit

When choosing a steam shower combo, go for the one that has a perfectly fitted door and complies with the framework. It is because the exact fitting would not allow the steam to escape, which will keep the shower hot for a longer time.


Unit size

Make sure to buy the one that can easily fit in your shower space. Otherwise, you would waste your money.


Jet location

Body jets provide the ultimate level of shower and sauna experience. However, if they are not installed in the right spots, they can ruin your spa and sauna experience. So, make sure to check the location of the body jets. To avoid this, go for the one that has the maximum number of body jets.


Slip-proof Flooring

Always check the flooring, and ensure that it provides some sort of friction so you can avoid falling when standing inside your shower or entering to enjoy a sauna session.


Steam generator

The power rating of the steam generator should also be evaluated when buying the best steam and sauna shower combo. Steam generator with higher power ratings such as 4kw and 6kw produces more steam in a short period, which allows you to enjoy more and save time.


Light and Scent Therapy

To enhance your sauna experience, choose the steam shower having chromotherapy lighting and aromatherapy mode.



Choose a steam shower that blends well with the color of your bathroom, as a good colored steam shower can even make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing.


Benefits of Steam and Sauna Shower

Some of the benefits of steam and sauna showers are specified below.


Improves blood circulation

Sauna session improves blood circulation which helps you have a healthy heart and stay away of numerous diseases. If you are too lazy to do cardio, just hop in your steam sauna shower unit and enjoy the benefits of cardio.


Reduces Muscle Aches and Helps You Relax

Applying heat and ice reduce muscle soreness. Hence, when taking a sauna bath, warm steam enters your body. All this relaxes your muscle and reduces soreness and inflammation.


Improves your skin

Steam during a sauna session increases your temperature and opens up your pores, which make you sweat. Sweating removes all the dead cells, toxins and chemicals within your skin and body, which makes your skin have a nice glow.



The above-specified are the top 10 steam sauna shower combos and their benefits. Make sure to evaluate all the features, pros, and cons to buy the best steam sauna shower combo and have a pleasant sauna experience.


Sauna: Physical therapy and social life

tolo sauna in winterSince Average temperatures in Shenzhen this week dropped to 15 degrees Celsius suddenly from 30 degrees Celsius, and it is forecast to become cooler even further.At the night of frigid, windy weather, when it comes to bath time, my internal debates about whether to take a shower are intense. I would like to warm up the bathroom by hot water before bathing to make it pleasant. When the bathroom is smoky and the temperature is pleasant, then I walk slowly into the bathroom. All of these remind me of the sauna, a bathing method originating from Finland in northern Europe. For us, Taking a bath or shower is to clean and soothe your body. For Finnish, sauna is not only a must-do for every day, but also a form of enjoyment and a treatment.

With the change of times, Health preservation is no longer a exclusive item for wealthy  people, and it has gradually become a way of lifestyle for the general public. The sauna is known to originate in Finland, and The only Finnish word to make it into everyday English is “sauna”. The original meaning is “windowless wooden house”, which refers to the therapy of people using water vapor in a closed room. The Finnish saunas are all over the streets and it is easily to get dazzled. In Finland, the sauna has smoke sauna, arena sauna, cable car sauna, mobile sauna,  car sauna, tank sauna, and even a Burger King located in Helsinki has the world’s first in-store sauna. From the type of sauna, we could find that Finns can not live without the sauna which can inspire you to live ,travel, eat and to be intrepid. You could enjoy sauna no matter where and when you are which shows the Finnish freedom and love of the sauna.

sauna in burgerking

The sauna has always been regarded as a health and wellness place. An old Finnish proverb says that if liquor, tar and sauna won’t help, an illness is fatal.Modern science has proven that the old saying is justified: the sauna does have therapeutic functions, at least to make people healthier.” In the old times, when the availability of medical treatments and medicine was a little more on the poor side, the sauna is called the pharmacy of the poor. In fact, in our daily life, many of us also love to take a shower. Taking a shower provides much comfort ,boosts your mood and soothes your body. There are the same effect for the sauna,and sauna’s effect are much better than taking a shower.


It is well known that sauna can relieve stress and reduce the risk of depression and other mental disorders. The reason is that the temperature of sauna is higher than bath, and The suitable sauna temperature is between 60°C and 100°C. The heat in the sauna stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphin is an all-natural chemical that makes you feel good. The release of endorphins provides you with a truly wonderful “after sauna glow”. According to the relevant research, enjoy sauna 2-3 times a week can reduce the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 27%, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50% if you have a sauna 4-7 times a week. In addition, the sauna which is similar to aerobic exercise can increase heart rate to 120-150 beats per minute. Sauna raise your internal body temperature, and the temperature rise will cause the blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing blood circulation. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process by soothing pain or speeding up the healing of the wound. The sauna also reduces muscle tension after exercise and eliminates possible lactic acid and other toxins to promote muscle relaxation. Certainly, like all the other things in the world, the sauna has its restrictions. For example, don’t eat too much or drink before the sauna. People with high blood pressure and heart disease cannot enjoy saunas and so on.


There is this famous Finnish proverb that goes “Build the sauna, then the house.”There are 3 million saunas in Finland for a population of only 5 million. Almost every two individuals possess a sauna room. The sauna is the most practical bathing place in the long winter. You can even find that in ancient rich families, women give birth to her child in the sauna room because there is hot water and it is sterile. Sauna is not just a personal enjoyment, it is also

people gathering in sauna room

a place to socialize and have fun. You could enjoy sauna alone, relax in warm saunas with your friends and family,or even indulge in a sauna with a colleague or business partner. After work, it’s not surprising to meet or have business talks in a sauna room. Therefore, Making some friends with whom have never met before in the sauna bench is a natural and simple thing. That is because when you head into the sauna room, you will remove all the extra and unimportant things.

The mobile phone must be powered off in the sauna room which makes you enjoy the sauna with your pure heart, you can also unwind and forget all the troubles. At this moment, you can find yourself and return to the most primitive relationship between people. You can chat with strangers, play poker, or empty your thoughts, calm down and listen to the buzzing of the steam on the sauna stone. Relax and uninterruptedly enjoy the sauna for a moment of leisure time.It seems that all the disturbances of time have nothing to do with you. You can find yourself and feel your life here. This is a warm, quiet space without any external interference. As we like to say, walk into the sauna room and close the doors of the rest of the world.

kid playing in TOLO sauna room

Different saunas require different sauna stoves which requires high standards and quality that is the purpose and principle of the Tolo sauna. Tolo Sauna aims to create a global leading brand in the sauna industry, dedicated to enabling the people to enjoy the benefits and health that the sauna brings. On this cold winter day, the sauna not only eliminates the coldness, but also protects and nourishes your body.As stated in “Duckweed”: My dream is to sing in the dance hall and bathe in the sauna room. And now this exists in real life.