Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health

21 Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Showers

Almost everyone is well-aware of the importance of steam baths nowadays. People consider installing steam showers in their homes or rush into spa centers to take steam baths. Besides health benefits, installing a steam shower adds to the luxury of a house. To add more, it also increases the rental value of your sweet home.


Installing a steam shower begins with a proper plan about the owners’ preferences and specifications of the steam shower unit. That is why you may have many questions about it while planning a steam shower installation.


Many homeowners wish to explore more about a steam shower unit’s wellness and health benefits and how to install and construct a steam room. In this guide, we have come up with 21 frequently asked questions that can help you get answers to all your queries regarding it. Let us crack it all!


  1. What benefits can you expect from a steam shower?


The steam shower is an effective and beneficial addition to your daily routine. This is so because it promises a wide range of benefits to human health and wellness. They include the followings:


  • Steam is known to help clear stuffy nasal passages by clearing sinuses. In this way, steam makes a significant plus for those suffering from chronic allergies.
  • A steam bath is a great way to wind down after a workout. The warmth of steam opens capillaries allowing blood to flow. Also, steam removes metabolic wastes that may cause muscle soreness.
  • A steam shower bath improves circulation by opening capillaries and widening blood vessels. Besides that, it also helps lower blood pressure.
  • Warming skin can open pores to allow good perspiration. In this way, steam helps reduce pimples and blackheads.
  • You can also use it as a pre-shave treatment as warmth and moisture help shed dead skin and soften hair follicles.


  1. How does a steam shower work?


A steam generator heats water to a boil to produce steam. Typically, this generator is no more significant than the size of a briefcase that is often installed in a closet or vanity. It would be best if you pushed a button that delivers steam from the steam generator to a steam head outlet. Later on, this steam goes into the shower enclosure. Now, you are ready to relax in the steam and enjoy its luxury.


In this way, the working principle of a steam shower is quite simple.


  1. Where and when did steam bathing begin? 


The history of cleansing, purifying, and enjoying the steam in a communal setting dates back to the Bronze Age. Back in history, steam bathing has been a way of meeting and socializing by relaxing and leaving behind the stress of the day. This activity was famous in the spring-fed onsen of the Japanese or the thermae of ancient Rome.


  1. Which construction materials are best for the wall and ceiling of a steam shower?


While considering installing a steam shower in your home, research the construction material for the ceiling and wall of the steam shower. This is so because it is the material that will decide whether to retain or dissipate heat from the shower room. If you use a porous material, it will dissipate heat quickly instead of retaining it. Such materials include glass block, marble, granite, concrete or shale. If you wish to have the natural beauty of stone or marble for a steam shower, select a high-power generator to compensate for faster heat loss.


On the other hand, choosing a nonporous material like acrylic, ceramic, and porcelain will retain heat in the shower. In this case, you will require a small generator.


  1. Am I supposed to tile the entire ceiling of the bathroom, or just the shower ceiling will work?


You are only supposed to tile the ceiling portion directly exposed to the steam; inside the steam shower. We must keep in mind that the sole purpose of the tiling is to retain the heat and prevent moisture from escaping from the shower enclosure.


  1. Is it necessary to slope my steam shower ceiling? 


Small grouted ceiling tiles may drip at the edges. So, small tiles with a lot of grout joints may need a slight slope. This slope prevents condensation from dripping down the top of the unsuspecting bather.


In the case of a residential ceiling, the ideal slope measurement is 1/2″ per foot away from the point where you will sit. However, you need not slope the ceiling if using some solid material in the ceiling like a sheet of Swanstone. This is so because it fails to trap condensation like grouted tiles.


  1. Which spot should I consider while installing a steam generator for the best possible results?


A Steam generator can easily be installed at any point within 60 feet of your steam shower room. You can install it in a closet, heated attic or basement, vanity, etc. Leave 12 inches of extra space on the sides and top is highly recommended for servicing. To add more, it will ensure adequate ventilation.


Avoid installing the steam generator in an actual shower enclosure or in an unheated spot where there is a chance of water supply piping freezing.


  1. Can I include a window in my steam shower?


As the personal preference of some homeowners, a window in the steam shower room is common in many homes. Still, many homeowners are very concerned about steam or moisture getting between the wall outside and the window.


For the type of steam sowers that contain an exterior window, ensure they are well-insulated to prevent steam from escaping. We recommend you use a double-paned window for steam shower rooms. For a window that slides open, ensure it is gasketed to inhibit steam loss during a steam shower session.


  1. Can I include lighting in my steam shower room? 


While considering the installation of lighting in a steam shower room, ensure that it provides protection against moisture entry and is vapor-proof. In most cases, the shower lighting is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter abbreviated as (GFCI). It involves a system that shuts the power off to detect moisture in the fixture.


  1. What if I notice my steam generator is leaking water?


A steam shower should not leak water. But, in case it does, turn the water off along with the unit’s power supply. If you ever notice water leakage from a steam generator, contact some professional for technical assistance. Experts recommend installing a drip pan under a steam generator that prevents moisture damage from leaks.


  1. How long a steam shower session should I have for all the benefits?


Many benefits are associated with a single steam shower room, and people must be aware of its risks. As in a steam shower bath, the body is directly exposed to steam, which may cause the body to dehydrate. It is advised not to exceed a shower session from 15 to 20 minutes.


  1. What makes a steam shower different from a sauna? 


At their most basic, saunas are simple, small rooms mostly built from wood and adorned with a few benches for sitting. Every sauna possesses a small heating corner filled with rocks to manage humidity and temperature. When water is poured into these heated rocks, it produces steam and heat.


Unlike a sauna, steam showers use a steam head to produce steam using a steam generator. Steam showers leverage a nozzle that superheats water until it becomes soothing steam. Like pre-heated rocks in a sauna, a steam shower unit manages all the attributes of a steam shower.


  1. 13. How much it costs to install a steam shower? 


Although the cost of a steam shower varies from area to area, a rough estimate of all the costs is mentioned as under:


The average cost of a steam shower is: 4,200 $


Prefab Steam Shower Costs


  • Installation: $500 – $600
  • Unit and Generator: $2,300 – $5,500
  • Total: $2,800 – $6,200


Custom Steam Shower Costs


  • Installation: $1,000 – $6,000
  • Materials: $2,500 – $6,500
  • Steam generator: $400 – $2,000
  • Total: $4,000 – $15,000


  1. 14. How a steam shower is an attainable luxury? 


The addition of a steam shower in the home does not need a lot of remodelling work. A compact steam generator fits easily inside a typical vanity cabinet, and electrical, and plumbing connections are easy for professionals to install. In most cases, a pre-existing shower or tub can be converted into a steam shower by sealing the existing enclosure.


  1. Is it wise to invest in a steam shower from a real estate perspective?


As per The New York Times, the simple answer to this query is yes. In recent years, steam showers have been increasing in terms of popularity. This factor makes steam showers an asset to your home and personal health and wellness routine.


  1. What should I use to construct a functional steam shower room?


In general, steam room walls consist of the following main things:


  • A vapor barrier or membrane
  • A keyboarder
  • Cement
  • Grout
  • Tile


But, if you want to customize your shower room, you must add various things in accordance with your personal preferences.


  1. Can I convert my existing shower tub into a steam shower?


Yes! You can, for sure. If your existing steam shower is too large, the contractor will go with some work of remodeling your bathroom. But do not worry. Remodeling only the shower area is enough instead of the entire bathroom.


  1. Is it possible to take a regular shower in a steam shower? 


Yes! It is possible to take a regular shower in a steam shower room. Most of the prefabricated units are specially designed for this purpose. The other type of steam shower is a custom steam shower that also includes this in its design. This makes people enjoy dual benefits with a single investment. What else can you expect?


Generally, people follow a steam shower with a standard shower to rinse off. This thing will also help condense the steam.


  1. Is it possible to incorporate aromatherapy products in a steam shower?


Yeah! You can incorporate aromatherapy products in your steam shower in a variety of ways. Some steam heads come with an existing oil well where you can manually add drops of essential oils of your choice. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to upgrade your steam experience as per your personal preferences.


  1. What can I do to protect my steam shower unit as I am living in a hard water area? 


If you live in an area with hard water, you can still have a steam shower. All you need to do is to follow some instructions. To protect your steam shower, you need to have a water softener fitted to the water supply.


Besides the steam shower unit, a water softener can enhance the lives of many home appliances like washing machines. The developing fur on the shower can notice the hardness of the water.


  1. Is it necessary to include an exhaust fan in a steam shower?


If you are not using an exhaust fan in your steam shower, you should. If your exhaust fan is broken, consider fixing it as soon as possible. It is essential to have a steam shower in your home because it is responsible for removing extra moisture, stale air, and odors.





Final Thoughts


Installing a steam shower unit is a wise decision to enjoy several health benefits and a wellness routine. However, there are a lot of factors that must be considered while thinking of making an effective installation. Fluctuating many of the factors and special features of steam showers leaves various questions in the minds of homeowners. They may be concerned about the type of construction materials they should use in a steam shower room, which shower unit to choose, and the ideal size of a steam shower room.


I hope this guide was helpful enough to clear many of your doubts regarding the installation of a steam shower in your home.

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Pro Tips To Focus On While Planning Installation Of A Home Steam Shower

Bathroom remodelling is one of the most exciting undertakings a homeowner can do. We spend enough time in the multipurpose area every day, from getting ready for the day to winding down at the end, making it a high-impact, high-value makeover to enjoy for years to come. When equipped with therapies such as a home steam shower, the bathroom becomes a haven for pampering and rehabilitation for the health-and-wellness-conscious homeowner. While remodelling and improving a bathroom is exciting, there is a lot of planning, research, and details to iron out, which is why steam shower enthusiasts frequently ask: what do I need to know before installing my home steam shower?


Consider these 15 recommendations as a checklist when arranging your spa to ensure that everything goes as planned:


  • Seats that fold up optimize shower space for steam
  • Pay close attention to the material requirements for steam room installation
  • A shower that is covered and insulated is always required
  • UtilizeUtilize double-paned windows within the steam shower
  • RecognizeRecognize the needed steam shower plumbing connections
  • Eight feet is the maximum ceiling height
  • Consider slip resistance for the steam shower floor
  • Choose a location for the steam generator
  • Place the steam head in the proper area and height
  • Never install heating, ventilation, or air conditioning equipment in the steam room
  • Only use Ul-listed steam generators
  • Hire an electrician to provide the electricity for the steam generator
  • Place the steam shower control next to the sitting
  • Bather comfort is enhanced with slanted and built-in chairs
  • Use steam-rated vapour-sealed lighting fixtures

 A mother is enjoying showering with her kids

  1. Seats that fold up optimize shower space for steam


To save room in tiny showers, consider a fold-up seat. Some customers prefer a tiled bench put diagonally in a corner or along a wall opposite the steam head when space is not an issue.


  1. Pay close attention to the material requirements for steam room installation.


For tile steam showers, You’ll need to utilize ceramic tile, acrylic, porcelain or other non-porous materials so that steam shower dividers do not assimilate and ransack your body of that rich steam.


  1. A shower that is covered and insulated is always required.


When introducing an individual steam shower, guarantee that the shower will be encased and protected to keep the relieving steam input. It should be built of tile, marble or non-porous materials and prepared with a watertight shower entryway and floor deplete. It’s imperative to note that whereas the shower space must be waterproof, it does not ought to be air-tight. In reality, a few discuss invasion, particularly around the shower entryway, which permits you to see the steam shape. Finally, ensure that shower entryways are watertight, and any windows are double-paned.


  1. UtilizeUtilize double-paned windows within the steam shower


If your shower or steam room has windows, they will have to be double-paned to avoid any warmth or cold from coming in or going out. The editors at Fine Homebuilding magazine moreover energize the utilization of vinyl-clad windows, a cement supporter board, a waterproof layer, and an excellent quality silicone caulk. Finally, ensure that shower entryways are watertight, and any windows are double-paned.


  1. RecognizeRecognize the required steam shower plumbing connections


Plumbing associations incorporate a water line to the generator, a steam line from the generator to the steam room and a deplete line. Make beyond any doubt all plumbing and electrical wiring are performed by a qualified authorized handyman and circuit tester in understanding appropriate national and neighbourhood codes.


  1. Eight feet is the maximum ceiling height.


The perfect steam shower incorporates the most excellent ceiling height of eight feet. If your lavatory contains a higher ceiling stature or vaulted plan, you will require a higher-rated (more-powerful) steam generator to fill the extra room volume. We prescribe that your shower walled-in area be at least 3′ x 3′ x 7′.


  1. Consider slip resistance for the steam shower floor.


Safety is continuously vital and particularly in a steam shower. Be beyond any doubt to include anti-skid strips on the steam room floor to anticipate slipping.


  1. Choose a location for the steam generator.


Consider where you may introduce the steam shower generator. A steam generator can be introduced anyplace inside 60 feet of your steam room—in a warmed upper room or storm cellar, closet, conceit etc. Just note that we suggest taking off 12 inches of abundance space on the best sides for overhauling and to ensure satisfactory ventilation. Don’t introduce the steam generator interior to the shower walled-in area or an unheated area where the water supply channelling might solidify.


  1. Place the steam head in the proper location and height.


The steam head should be around a maximum of 12 inches over the steam room floor on a divider inverse to the seating zone and absent from the entrance/exit region.


  1. Never install heating, ventilation, or air conditioning equipment in the steam room.


In an average lavatory, a deplete fan makes a difference in vent stale discuss exterior the domestic. This same rule applies to a steam shower bathroom—in reality, a standard lavatory deplete fan will do the work. Introduced exterior the steam shower walled in area, a debilitate fan will securely evacuate damp warm discuss from the room.


  1. Only use UL-listed steam generators.


Only consider installing those steam generators that are included in the UL list. If you do so, you will never be disappointed.


  1. Hire an electrician to provide the electricity for the steam generator


Household electric control is required to function the generator. Indicate 208v. Or 240v. All in-shower controls work on moo voltage. Introduce a partitioned circuit breaker between the control supply and the steam generator unit. Be beyond doubt to supply a controlled supply disengage within sight of the steam generator or one capable of being bolted into the open position.


  1. Place the steam shower control next to the sitting.


The ideal area of the in-shower control is the interior of the steam room 4-5 feet over the floor, helpful to the bather and absent from the coordinate steam stream. Explore for natural controls that simplify overseeing and appreciating your steam room, counting temperature, length, individual settings, smell and chroma light therapies.


  1. Bather comfort is enhanced with slanted and built-in chairs.


Seating ought to be somewhat inclined and built-in for bather consolation. Seating fashion may be an individual inclination and may depend on the shower room’s measures.


  1. Use steam-rated vapour-sealed lighting fixtures.


UtilizeUtilize as it were vapour-fixed lighting installations that give assurance against dampness passage which are affirmed for steam showers. The light is regularly secured by a ground blame circuit interrupter (GFCI), which can close off the control in case it identifies dampness within the installation.

Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health

The Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health

From ancient times, steam shower rooms are considered a source of stress relief, and improved health and wellness routines. To enjoy these collective benefits, people rush towards the spa centres to have steam shower sessions or consider installing steam shower units in their own bathrooms. Those having a steam shower room in their home enjoy dual benefits; they can have a steam bath whenever they want plus it also increases the real estate value of their home. To add more, visiting a spa centre can also be more tiring because of expenses or the hustles related to travelling.


If you are planning to visit a spa centre or install a steam shower in your home, you must be aware of the benefits it offers to your health. If you have been searching for the health benefits that a steam shower room can offer, you have landed on the right spot. Here, in this blog, we are going to elaborate on the same topic. Please read it all to explore more about it. Let’s crack it together!

Benefits Of Steam Shower Room On Your Health


What is a steam room and how does it make a difference?


Steam rooms are enclosed spaces heated with steam. The temperature may vary, but steam rooms are generally kept somewhere around 110°F. Steam rooms are like saunas. In both of them, you are encouraged to sit in a small, heated room. To add more, both claim promising benefits to your health. The key difference is in the kind of heat that they use. A sauna makes use of dry heat, from hot rocks or some closed stove. But, steam rooms are heated by a using generator filled with boiling water.


If we talk about the sauna, it helps you loosen your muscles and feel relaxed but it won’t offer the same health benefits that a steam room does. The key that makes a steam room capable of delivering such extra health benefits is the humidity.


Health benefits that a steam room offers


A considerable trend of many people towards steam shower sessions is because of the benefits that it offers for both mental and physical health. While talking about the benefits of a steam room for your health, how can we even miss the followings?


  • Improves skin health


Sometimes, the direct exposure of skin to the environment becomes harmful for the skin as many kinds of toxins get trapped underneath your skin. In this regard, steam rooms can be helpful as they tend to open up the pores by using heat. During the stem shower session, the warm condensation washes away all the dead skin and dirt that can, otherwise, result in breakouts. As a result, you get a more-toned and clearer skin.


  • Loosens stiff joints


To avoid injury, warming up before the workout is critical. Making use of a steam shower room as a part of your warm-up routine can assist you to reach the largest flexibility during various activities like Pilates, Yoga and running. To put it in crystal clear words, the joints become more relaxed and flexible when heat is applied to knee joints before any such activity. Which, in turn, promises the reduction of injury chances before a workout. This is one benefit that steam offers to your health. The list is ongoing…


  • Lowers blood pressure


Several studies have found that steam rooms can also help in lowering blood pressure. It is noticed that in a steam shower room, the human body releases various hormones that alter the heart rate. Out of them, one hormone is called aldosterone which is the reason for regulating your blood pressure. The reason behind being so relaxed and calm inside a steam room is that it can help lower your blood pressure. What else you can expect when simple heat therapy is promising such health benefits to you?


  • Helps in workout recovery


Professional athletes and other fitness enthusiasts who are into workout routines may often feel pain after working out sessions. This pain is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). For decades, professional athletes have known the benefits that heat therapy offers to them in their recovery from training workout sessions. , heat penetrates deeper into muscle tissues and helps relieve DMOS. To add more, a recent study proves that moist heat can work even more as compared to dry one in muscle recovery.


  • Improves circulation


You can improve your cardiovascular health by sitting in a steam room for sure. Researches and studies are evidence that older individuals can enjoy improved circulations because of moist heat, especially in the extremities. Because of a strong interconnection of the cardiac and vascular systems, a person can have collective benefits of improved circulation leading to a lowering of blood pressure that promises a healthier heart. Besides all that, it can also assist healing of broken skin tissues.


  • Clears congestion


The environment of a steam room encourages deep breathing by warming the mucous membrane. Although, using it for treating colds and sinus infections is controversial because of the risk to scald yourself if done. But steam rooms are safe if you don’t stay inside too long. A study reveals that children with respiratory infections recovered more than others after steam therapy. Try not to use a steam room if you have a fever.


  • Reduces stress


Being in a steam shower room for a steam shower session can cause a decreased production of the hormone cortisol which regulates stress levels. A drop in cortisol level makes you feel relaxed and in control. Besides improving your health, spending a few minutes in steam can also help you heal your mind and improve your focus.


  • Boosts the immune system


Many therapies are known for boosting the immune system and steam shower rooms are not an exception to that. Additionally, direct exposure of your body to moist steam stimulates leukocytes that fight infections. Sitting in a steam shower room when you are fighting off a cold should not be your first line of defence, as there is no proof that the moist steam can kill a brewing infection. But the use of steam rooms on regular basis will boost the immunity that could lead to you getting sick less often.


  • Burns calories


When you are in a steam room, your heart rate increases. If you use a steam shower room after an aerobic workout, the steam room can prolong the elevation of your heart rate. If used, steam rooms can stimulate your body like typical exercise does not. The weight you lose in a steam room is water weight, so you need to replace it by hydrating yourself to avoid dehydration. But using steam rooms as a way to burn more calories at the gym could be helpful to your diet and exercise routine be more effective.


Does A Steam Shower Room

Help Clear The Lungs


Our respiratory system and lungs are vital, especially for those suffering from any condition that can affect them in any way. Some come at higher risk of lung or respiratory disease. For such people, improving lung function is beneficial. The real problem is, that it can be a hard task to do. Thanks to steam shower rooms, you have a way. A steam room helps lung function via various mechanisms. It has been shown that lung congestion decrease in a steam room. Steam showers have also been shown to assist patients with chronic bronchitis or asthma and help to breathe-ability.


This is only one benefit that a steam shower offers to the lungs and respiratory system, many others are also rumoured. For instance, it is considered that steam can start a key lung tissue response that results in the strengthening of antioxidant defence systems and cell repair of lung cells. Being tuck in breathing difficulties has a big effect on your capability to do distinctive things. In such a case, every time you do something, you feel limited by the respiratory system.  In short, you have to plan to have your breath. Some people say that having a respiratory disease makes them remind that they have to breathe sometimes.


Some of the reported respiratory diseases include pulmonary hypertension, asthma, occupational lung diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The major risk factors are dust and occupational chemicals and exposure to air pollution.


A steam shower room has many benefits across many body systems far beyond the respiratory system and lung functions. The best practice to do if anyone thinks a steam shower room can be helpful to you is to speak with a professional physician to get their input. If they suggest that it is alright to do so, a steam room can produce some of the effective changes to your body that you always wished to see.  As we proceed to understand how and why a steam shower room can be so helpful to lung function and various risks of respiratory disease, we carry on to advocate for more focus to be paid on heat therapy as a treatment recommendation.

steam shower

Can I Have A Steam Shower System In My Small Bathroom? Yes! The Guide Is Here

To begin with, it is written nowhere that good things don’t come in small packages. The same is the case for steam room shower systems. These days, people are well-aware of the benefits of having a steam shower system to enjoy good health. That is why they invest a considerable portion of their income in buying such stuff. And, yes, thanks to the manufacturing companies that have come up with small packages of the steam shower room as a solution to less bathroom space. Yeah! That’s true, and you can easily get a customized setup per your space and personal preferences.


If you have been searching for the same thing, hold on, your search is over now. Here, in this piece of writing, we have come up with a detailed guide about the topic to clarify any doubts you may have. So, it would be best to read it all to get all the information.


Enjoy health benefits with aromatherapy.

steam shower

Making use of AromaSteam in a steam shower boosts holistic wellness benefits. Various essential oils have been recognized as a great part of a wellness regimen. Every oil offers some unique properties that others may not with a heavenly scent. If you are ever feeling stressed, Green Harmony can make you feel you unwind and relax. No matter how you feel before these oils, AromaSteam may help you retake your sense of wellness and tranquility. Having a steam shower system studded with additional therapies is a blessing. This, as a whole, casts a very good impact on overall human health.


Have a personal steam shower at home


When you have a steam shower in your home, you will feel even more energized and revitalized every day. It takes only 10 minutes to have a steam session and feel refreshed and restored. This thing can help boost your metabolism and reduce muscle pain. Besides that, it also delivers the hydrated skin you always wish for. It is a best practice in the fitness routine as it can remove the lactic acid levels and eliminates various other toxins from the body. To add more, it builds up the muscles and removes excess sodium from the body. People sensitive to colds can even help soothe various discomforts and help with sinus pressure.


Eco-friendly and Affordable bathroom design solution


With advancement, retrofitting a previously existing shower is easy and affordable. To add more, you are ready to go with all of your bathroom sizes and personal preferences to build a shower of your choice. These days, companies are opting for eco-friendly options to make things better for you and the environment. So, no matter the size of your bathroom, you can go with customization options to get your steam shower room built as per your choice and interest.


Some incredible steam shower ideas to try


Besides adding to the house’s luxury, a steam shower setup also increases the real estate’s worth. To help you choose the incredible options, you can go with any of the following next-level options:


  • Curved Frame Steam Shower


A curved frame steam shower system is the best option to skip the typical rectangular steam shower setup. A steam shower of this kind features 12 body massage jets, a teak floor, a rainfall ceiling shower, and a handheld showerhead. Besides all of this, it also includes additional therapies. They include aromatherapy systems and chromotherapy lighting. If you have space issues, installing this small steam shower system is the best option.


  • Sauna-Like Steam Room


This large primary bathroom contrasts the large white tiles on the tub and walls with small horizontally placed natural wood planks (cedar in most cases). The majority of the wood can easily be found in the steam shower. The installation of the oversize wooden bench helps it feel like a sauna-like space that can exude relaxation.


  • Cave-Like Steam Shower


It is undoubtedly a dramatically lit steam shower system that delivers a cave-like experience to the people. Its dark, oversized tiles, large waterfall shower head, and built-in stone-look bench add to its mysterious feel and look. Undoubtedly, this small steam shower system is famous for its unique style, and people love it as it caters to their luxurious goals and has fewer bathroom spaces.


  • Modern Meets Natural


This steam shower uses modern white subway tiles to give a crisp, clean look on the upper half. On the bottom half, wood-look tiles are incorporated. In this way, this earthly texture and hue provide a soothing and natural feel. To add more, they can cast a very positive and soothing impact on the human brain besides wellness.


  • Ergonomic Bench


The most amazing thing about double ergonomic benches in this type of steam shower permits two people to lay back with heads up easily and spins supported properly. In this way, an ergonomic bench is a great idea of the bench for an additional touch of comfort because, in a steam shower session, you sweat it out. Besides its other benefits, the installation process is very easy and quick.


  • Travertine Domed Steam Shower


A Travertine Domed Steam Shower takes a note from the ancient bath houses because of its dome shape ceiling. Its benches face each other and make it more of a communal space, reminiscent of a classic type of steam room. Because of this unique feature, it is grabbing a huge audience’s attention to select it as an element of luxury for their bathroom.


  • Floating Bench


When it comes to a steam shower system in a bathroom, a bench is a must-have for relaxation purposes. And this thing makes many manufacturing companies come up with new and unique styles of benches to appeal to people and help them meet their respective goals. If you wish to look the shower look bigger, you can go with the installation of a floating bench to free up floor space.


  • Small Steam Shower with Window


If your primary bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you can not add luxuries to make it look like a steam shower. A small steam shower carries white tile to open up the space. Also, a matching bench allows you to sit while having a steam session. To look the bathroom even more spacious, a small window is installed that ensures a light entrance.


  • Turkish-Inspired Steam Shower


The culture and sense of styling vary from country to country. In the case of a small steam shower system, many people are seen as fans of Turkish-style steam showers. These unique and vibrant residential steam showers pay homage to the typical bathhouse (hammam) with mosaics and curved, tiled ceilings.


  • Modern Luxe Steam Shower


With an immense variety of human nature and choices, people’s personal preference is also a highly fluctuating factor. And, to ensure a wise investment while purchasing a small steam shower, all such factors must be focused on. In this way, many people may choose traditional options, while others may pick up hotel spas or luxury gym-like options. A modern luxe steam shower gives its users a pampered feeling, from a wall-length block bench to the skylight and muted tones. What else are you expecting?


  • Aromatherapy and BlueTooth Steam Shower


For those who wish to have a modern small steam shower system studded with advanced technology, this one is for them. An Aromatherapy and BlueTooth Steam Shower combines a clean look with spa-like addition of a teak floor. You can buy it as a unit with additional features like aromatherapy and Bluetooth. Bluetooth helps listen to relaxing music while having steam sessions, and aromatherapy can enhance your overall experience with calming. To add more, this kind of stem shower can eliminate moisture from the bathroom, providing growing mold conditions.


  • Steam Shower with Massager


A steam shower session is soothing and relaxing, but what if it is combined with massage? Yes! You are right, and its magic increases by 10 folds. Thanks to the companies for creating this classy and beneficial small steam shower system with a massager. If we talk about the full unit, it consists of LED lighting, a soaking bathtub base, FM radio, foot massager, and an in-shower ventilation fan. All these factors add to the luxurious touch and feel of a home steam shower.


  • Retrofit Steam Shower


You can buy this steam shower that comes with a whole bunch of fun features. The computer-controlled timer panel for convenient use as a cleaning feature for disinfection with a built-in radio. Its unit has 20 acupressure body jets for massage therapy, chromotherapy, handheld showerheads, aromatherapy, and two stools.


  • Claw Foot Tub in a Steam Shower


The luxury of a small steam shower can be further enhanced by adding an elegant claw foot tub to the system. Placing this tub behind a frameless steam shower door is a plus if you want to show off how special your steam shower is. It is another practice many go with to have a good overall experience with a steam shower.


a man and a woman are having a rest after taking a sauna shower

An Ultimate Guide On Dry Sauna Vs. Wet Sauna

Dry Sauna Vs. Wet Sauna


Saunas are heated, wood-lined,  therapeutic,  enclosed rooms that may have a lot of options for seating, design, benches, size, and capacity. During the therapy session, intense heat is generated within it that encourages relief from pains and aches, detoxifying sweat, and deep relaxation. But these are only some of the health benefits that it provides. Different types of saunas offer respective benefits to the people.


If you have been searching for a detailed guide about sauna, its type, and health benefits, you have landed on the right spot. Here, we have elaborated on every possible aspect to make the exploration process convenient. So please continue reading to get more information about it.


Dry Vs. Wet Sauna: What’s The Difference?


A critical difference between a dry and wet sauna is the water that is poured over rocks that makes a sauna wet. As the stones are heated to a high temperature, water vapors form quickly, resulting in steam. On the other hand, in the case of a dry sauna, there is no use for water; bare rocks are heated.


While sitting in a wet sauna, you sweat that causes toxins to leave your body to eliminate its harm. To add more, it is believed that using this type of sauna can help decrease the chances of various illnesses as various viruses can not live in these high temperatures.


On the contrary, dry saunas are known to relieve stress and tension, assist in rejuvenating the skin, and stimulate blood circulation with the help of sweat. Like a wet sauna, a dry sauna can cause sweating to invoke various health benefits like a wet type sauna.


What’s In A Name?


“Sauna” is the only commonly used Finnish word in the English language. But unfortunately, most English speakers mispronounce it. In Finnish, every single syllable is pronounced. And the first takes emphasis. The word sauna refers to a Finnish steam bath that uses the steam produced with water poured over hot stones.



What is Dry Sauna?


The dry sauna is derived from those built-in in Finland hundreds of years ago. It is based on heating a room to high temperatures to induce copious sweating. The standard version makes use of stones heated over a wood fire. Water is then thrown over them to create steam to increase the ambient temperature.


However, electric stoves can also be used instead of the traditional hot stones. They incorporate vents to permit steam to escape. This means humidity is typically in the 5-30% range; although they are “dry” saunas, the air retains moisture.


The walls are made of wood, with cedar, pine, and spruce being the most common choices. Temperatures in saunas can reach around 160-200°F.


What Are The Benefits Of A Dry Sauna?


Finnish saunas were developed as a way of being warm in winter. But over time, sitting in a sauna became an enjoyable and healthful social activity. Saunas are nowadays known to provide a wide range of additional health benefits. As mentioned below are some of the most important benefits of a dry sauna:


  • Improved blood Circulation levels


Sitting in a hot sauna can cause the heartbeat to increase, which, finally, improves blood circulation level. This indicates many of the similar benefits to the heart as a gentle cardio workout, and you will require to do some actual exercise for that! To add more, saunas can help improve blood flow to hands, arms, legs, and feet.


  • Relief from various Rheumatic Diseases


Some researchers investigating the health advantages of sauna use found that patients who suffer from conditions like ankylosing spondylitis or rheumatoid arthritis reported an apparent pain reduction after regular sauna treatments.


  • Skin “Glow” And Improvements To Skin


The heat of a sauna causes perspiration that also opens up your skin pores. This thing can cleanse your skin by elevating the flow of blood beneath the skin. This is why many people report getting healthier skin with an enhanced glow after a sauna session. Some evidence is also helpful in treating some skin conditions like psoriasis and dry skin.


  • Reduced risks of Dementia


It is widely considered that regular sauna can reduce dementia risks. But the same thing can be confirmed by doing some more research work. It can be helpful to establish why it can be true.


  • Relief From  Pains and Aches


Although this fact is not that supported by some scientific studies, its regular users can tell that having a session in a sauna can be an excellent treatment for pain and general aches.


  • LowersBlood Pressure


Having a sauna regularly helps lower blood pressure. However, if you are a beginner using a sauna, you can notice a slight increase in blood pressure. But, these conditions last for a few sauna sessions; later, your body can adjust accordingly.


  • EnhancedRecovery And Sporting Performance


In general, the sauna is used regularly by athletes to boost their recovery after competition and training. This activity can make them more pliable and elastic and easily loosen up tense muscles.


  • Improved Mood And Stress Relief


Apart from the different physical benefits, one of the most positive uses of the sauna is that it can help you relieve stress in many ways. Sitting in a sauna is enjoyable and relaxing. To add more, it can also have some social aspects depending on whom you are going with and where you go.


Little research in Finland declares the declined incidents of psychotic disorders in males who regularly visited saunas. This research proves the mental health benefits of sauna.


Besides such studies, we all know how important it is to get some free time and relax. In this case, sitting in a sauna room is a perfect way to do it. Hence, this indicates that regular users can feel happier after having a sauna session.


  • Lower Risk Of Heart Attack And Heart Conditions


A correlation between regular sauna session use and lower heart-related issues such as coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, and cardiovascular disease is observed. This means that sitting in a sauna can help you live longer!


  • ImprovesRespiratory Conditions


Saunas can be helpful for people who suffer from any respiratory conditions like asthma and can help reduce wheezing.


  • Immune System Boost


There are various suggestions that saunas sessions can help boost immune systems. This is because it is a prime factor in keeping the body’s immune system in proper shape. For instance, a study in Austria declares that sauna users are comparatively less susceptible to common colds.


What’s A Wet Sauna?


Sitting in a “dry” sauna has many health benefits, but what do you think about “wet” saunas? Hold on, and we are going to elaborate on that as well.


A wet sauna is heated by pumping steam from an external steam generator. This room is almost airtight to prevent the steam from escaping, and there is no vent. This results in humidity that can approach 100%.


Steam rooms are not as hot as traditional saunas, generally only reaching around 100-120°F. But, because of high humidity, sweat becomes less effective at cooling your body so that you may feel hotter than in a dry sauna. Also, due to high humidity levels, steam rooms are made of ceramic, plastic, or glass.


What Are The Benefits Of A Wet Sauna?


As dry saunas raise body temperature and make you sweat, they can promise various health benefits to you. In comparison to public saunas, steam rooms offer an extra advantage over traditional saunas because of excess humidity and steam. Some of the most important benefits are:


  • Good For Respiratory Conditions


Extra steam and humidity make the steam room suitable for people who have asthma or other allergic conditions.


Furthermore, medication for different conditions like these can cause dryness of your respiratory tract. So, steam rooms can assist by moisturizing airways and opening your lungs. As a result, if you are suffering from excess mucous or congestion, a cough or a steam room can provide some temporary relief by assisting in clearing out your passages.


  • Skin Conditions


Although a dry sauna can help with dry skin, in the same way, wet saunas can even do better. They can help moisten your skin and leave it to look and feel better after a treatment.




Similarities between wet

and dry saunas


Apart from the differences, they share many similarities regarding effects on the body. The most critical similarities include:


  • Generate sweatingBoth the sauna types wander human health by generating sweat. Every type generates a high temperature to heat the skin, opening up pores and sweat.


  • Promotes relaxationBoth help encourage relaxation, as the heat reduces inflammation; combined with the detoxification effects, it can help make you feel way more relaxed.


  • Skin rejuvenationPerspiration is the most fundamental way to enhance the skin. It triggers the opening of the skin pores, releasing germs and dead skin cells trapped in the pores and on the skin’s surface. The detoxification of dead skin and bacteria permits space for new cell growth, giving the skin a more radiant and youthful appearance.


  • Supports weight lossIf used in conjunction with eating right and working out, it can help to support and boost weight loss. You are more likely to burn more fat and calories when your body gets super-heated. This thing also triggers a metabolism rate that can support further weight loss.


Differences between wet

and dry saunas


Opposite to similarities, some distinct differences between wet and dry saunas include:


  • TemperatureDry saunas produce dry temperatures, and wet saunas generate sweltering temperatures. And while the thermometer may be the same, 150 degrees F feels vastly different in a dry environment than it may not in a moist environment.


  • Heating rate: Wet saunas heat up rapidly, while others take much longer. The reason behind this is the addition of water to the heating element. When the water evaporates, the hot moisture spreads faster.


  • Effects of the heatDepending on how heat affects the body, dry saunas can show much better results. That is because they use hot and dry temperatures that penetrate the body efficiently. While others yield good results, the combination of sweating and moisture has a cooling effect on the body.



Wet Or Dry Sauna: Which To Choose?


Choosing a dry or wet sauna is solely a matter of choice. It depends on your interests, expectations, unique needs, and personal preferences. Consider your body conditions and test which one can go better for you.


What About Infrared Saunas?


Infrared saunas are dry sauna that uses infrared electromagnetic radiation to heat the body. It works by directly heating your skin rather than heating the air, So it has no humidity.


The supposed advantages come from the fact that rays can penetrate your body, providing more thorough treatment. In addition, as the temperatures are much lower, around the 120-140°F range, they are less intense, making a relaxing experience and more bearable than a traditional sauna. The benefits are that you can use them in your own home and, if you use them often, you can save some money as infrared sauna sessions are not cheap.


Are There Any Drawbacks Or Risks?


Both wet and dry saunas can have had few risks if safely used. The main one is dehydration, which is natural as you sweat. But it can not be problematic when you maintain your body fluids before and after having a sauna session. People can feel slightly dizzy when standing up after a sauna, so ensure you take it easy.


A serious problem can be if you have a long session in a sauna. The ideal session can be ten minutes, but going above thirty minutes can be hazardous. People with heart problems should stay away from sauna. Sitting in a sauna can provoke a heart attack. So, consult with your doctor first.


The Best Way Of Relaxing And Staying Healthy


Both wet and dry saunas are great ways to take care of yourself. They can provide you with both physical and mental health benefits. So, you must know your body type and go to the kind of sauna that is better suited for you.

How To Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access

Ultimate Guide On How To Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access

Many people wish to upgrade their house for its better aesthetic look, adding to its luxurious touch and enhancing the real estate value. Unfortunately, this makes them invest a considerable portion of their income in renovating their house. The same is the case for the bathroom. It is considered part of a house that needs to be upgraded and furnished with different systems to have a much better experience.


Here in this article, we are going to elaborate on venting a bathroom without any external excess. If you have been searching for the same topic, your search is over now. We are committed to providing a complete and informative guide to cover every possible aspect of it. Consider reading it all; let’s break it together!


Bathroom Ventilation And Building Code


  • Introduction


If we talk about the bathrooms, they are smelly and wet places that are unventilated and closed-in in many cases. And smells in the bathroom is one of the most annoying things a person can experience. To add more, moisture is a real problem as it can create hazardous mildew and mold. They can eat away at your bathroom’s ceiling, walls, and trim. Only some exhaust venting systems can save bathrooms from a lot of harm.


To make it easy for homeowners to conveniently address the issue of moving moisture and odor-laden air from the bathroom to the outside. Surprisingly, some bathroom codes do not require bathroom fans. This is because all municipalities have their own sets of rules and instructions. For instance, some do not draw a hard line on having exhaust fans, but some do. In such areas, proper ventilation of the bathroom is the only condition. And it can be via a window or a ventilation fan, depending on your interests, choice, and personal preferences.


  • Common Indicators That Your Bathroom Needs To Be Ventilated More


Mildew, mold, moisture, and pollution are things no one can expect to have in their house, especially in their bathroom. Because of the poor ventilation system, the air quality inside the toilet is worse than that outside. Besides the harmful mildew and mold in the house, poor ventilation can also harm bathroom walls, floors, and various other structures. It can also put the floors at risk of collapsing and toilets at the risk of leaking.


While talking about the best ways of knowing the proper ventilation of the bathroom, various signs can be observed. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Excess Moisture: If you notice more excessive moisture in your bathroom than average, it indicates poor ventilation that can cause severe damage. This is a clear sign of thinking of some steps of venting the bathroom.


  • Stuffiness: You must check any of the cooling or heating vents to confirm that they are properly closed or not. Anything that can block dry air from entering your bathroom leads to various condensation issues. Just consider opening bathroom windows if you find your bathroom too much humid.


  • Mold: If you have a damp bathroom, molds and mildews are likely. Not only do they seriously impact your health, but they can also ruin your bathroom’s beauty. Talking about human health issues can cause respiratory infections, asthma, respiratory problems, or Besides that, it can also affect the immune system.


  • Stained CeilingStains of the ceiling, in most cases, are considered as an indication of the by-product of heating appliances, roofs, or plumbing leaks. They tend to seep through the ceiling and are evaporated, leaving an unsightly patch of discolored and dried mineral deposits. This is an alert to paying attention to taking steps for renovation or installation of a venting system in the bathroom.


  • Smells That Stay: If we talk about the smell of a bathroom, it is not a new thing to think of. But, if you notice a smell that persists for an extended period, you must consider measures to prevent it. Otherwise, the issue can cause severe problems in your bathroom.


Picking the Right Vent Fan


To eliminate all of the issues mentioned above in your bathroom, you must pick up the right side of the vent fan. A vent fan will help in good ventilation of the toilet. That is why one must pay some attention to choosing an appropriate vent fan as per the bathroom requirement depending upon its size.


How do you vent a bathroom when you don’t have access to the outside?


If you want to vent a bathroom that does not have access to the outside, installing a ceiling vent would be the best option to go with. It is considered the most efficient method to ventilate a bathroom. To put it in simple words, a ceiling vent is an innovative machine that permits air to escape out of the bathroom. Besides that, it is an open window-like machine allowing moisture to get out of the bathroom.


Installing a ceiling vent in the bathroom will ensure that it does not remain moist or humid. If, as a homeowner, you cannot install it yourself, you must consult with some professional for this purpose. Not only can a ceiling vent help people, but there are various other options that one can choose. Later in this article, we are going to elaborate on that too. Just continue reading this piece of writing.


Tips on How To Vent A Bathroom

 With No Outside Access


If we talk about the wettest room of your home, it is your bathroom. But unfortunately, toilets that flush, steamy showers, sinks that run, and occasional drips can add much to the moisture. And such conditions can lead to mildew, mold, and various unpleasant issues. That is why every bathroom requires a proper ventilation system to get free of any misshaping.


To add more, it is needed by code in most places for building contractors to ensure adequate bathroom ventilation. If you are looking forward to the details of venting your bathroom, you can follow the following tips and tricks to get the best outcomes.


Use of a ceiling vent


To begin with, a ceiling vent is one of the most widely used ones that helps homeowners protect their bathrooms from various damages. However, if we talk about its benefits, the best thing is that it allows you to keep the attic cooler during high-temperature months. To add more, increasing the airflow and lowering the temperature via the ceiling vent helps prevent mold, damage, rot, and various other repairs homeowners may face having an unventilated ceiling.


Using a floor duct vent


For both cooling and heating systems, floor duct vents offer many advantages over their overhead counterparts. They can be customized per your requirements and the size of your bathroom. Like various other types, they help a lot in venting your bathroom to prevent the growth of mildew, mold, and various other harms and damages you may face if neglected.


Using extra ducts


If you live in an area where summers are sweltering, moist, and humid, you must face the problem of more severe conditions and bathroom damage. If you wish to prevent that, you must need appropriate taking steps. To make the bathroom experience good, people may go for additional options to make a huge difference. For example, some consider installing extra ducts to meet the demands of their bathroom size and lowering the high temperature.


Vent Through The Joist


Yes! It is possible to vent through the joist. But, one must remember that it depends on how joists go. As per the way your joists go, you can run the duct through the bathroom ceiling to the outside wall. It is another kind of ventilation that many people choose to enjoy all the benefits of vents in a bathroom to protect it from various hazards.

Using The Right Bath Fan


Considering the size and temperature of the bathroom, it is necessary to install an appropriate size vent fan in the bathroom to get the expected outcomes. To add more, the rating of bathroom vent fans is done for the amount of air they can move. This is measured in cubic feet per minute. So if we talk about the standard size of vent fan, it would be sufficient for 100 square feet or less.


If you wish to determine the proper square footage of your bathroom to install a right-sized vent fan, you can multiply the length by width. It can help you select the most appropriate one for your bathroom to meet all your needs.


Picking the Right Vent Fan


Who says renovation and up-gradation of a house or its parts are easy? On the contrary, it is a diverse and disruptive process that needs a lot of things to be intensely focused on. Otherwise, minor errors can lead to massive damage to the structures. For example, if a homeowner is planning to renovate a bathroom for proper ventilation, he must be cautious enough to make a wise selection of the right vent fan. So before making a final decision, one must be paying focus on the below-mentioned aspects:


  • Vent Fan Size Ratings
  • Vent Fan Sound Ratings
  • Vent Fan Type
  • Vent Fan Speed


Vent Fan Size Ratings


So, if you have finally decided to install a vent fan for your bathroom, you must consider choosing the right size to meet your requirements. That is why the rule of thumb is that you must have about 1 CFM per square foot of the room area. Then, multiply the length times the width of your bathroom to measure the area of the toilet in square footage. It is necessary to have a right-sized fan; otherwise, your money can go all in vain if it can not give you the expected outcomes.


Vent Fan Sound Ratings


We all know that a fan produces some sound whenever a fan runs. It is another aspect to be focused on because if the sound is so high, it can be highly annoying. Also, it can destroy the overall experience and luxury of your bathroom. If we talk about the noise a vent fan produces, it is measured in sones. A fan is quieter if it has a lower sone. To give you an idea of this unit, the supply fans or exhausts installed for continuous must have a sone rating of about 1.0 sones or even less than that. To make a comparison, a refrigerator operates at only around 1.0 sones.


Vent Fan Type


To cover a wide range of customers and requirements, manufacturers have come up with various vent fans. The most important types include:


  • Axial Fans: They look like propellers and draw air through the fan.
  • Centrifugal fans: They look like “squirrel cages” and draw air into the fan and exhaust it at an angle of  90-degree.


Axial or propeller fans


There are three types of axial fans:


  • Propeller
  • Tubeaxial
  • Vaneaxial


Propeller fans are mainly used for cooling or dilution ventilation. They are often mounted on the ceiling or wall. Vaneaxial and Tubeaxial fans are propeller fans customized to fit into a duct. But, unlike others, they are limited to only cleaner air applications like that of exhaust ducts running through the roof.


Centrifugal fans


There are three main types of centrifugal fans based on the type of fan blades:


  • Forward inclined blades,
  • Backward inclined blades
  • Straight radial blades.


The vacuum cleaner, home furnace, and hairdryer fans are the best example of centrifugal fans. Such fans are manufactured to operate against high resistance and are generally used in local exhaust ventilation systems. If we talk about the rugged radial blade centrifugal fans, they are considered the best options to exhaust heavy dust. To add more, they are less likely to become irritated or clogged by a hefty amount of dust.


Vent Fan Speed


Besides the right size, sound, and type of the vent fan, another factor that can never be neglected when choosing a suitable vent fan is its speed. The fan’s speed is the parameter that can describe the performance of a vent fan. So, to get the right speed per your bathroom space requirements, it is necessary to consult some professionals for excellent advice. This is so because a fan with a slower speed will not meet your needs and will not be efficient enough to drain the hot air out of the bathroom. Also, it will fail to get fresh air into your bathroom.


Installation of the Vent Fan


Must follow the instructions that come with your fan. Below are typical steps for an exhaust fan installation without any external excess if you have access to the attic. These steps include:


  1. Adjust your ceiling hole
  2. Patch the ceiling of your bathroom
  3. Attach duct connector
  4. Attach housing brackets
  5. Prepare to connect the wiring
  6. Connect the house wires
  7. Replace the wires
  8. Establish duct connections
  9. Test you fan


Reducing Noise of a Vent Fan


If you feel irritated with the noise, you can follow the following tips to reduce vent noise:


  • You can attach an air duct noise silencers to your ventilation
  • Ensure the ventilation system is placed in a proper manner
  • Select the appropriate ducts for your ventilation system
  • Make use of the mode switch for your ventilation system
  • Go for demand-controlled ventilation.
  • Properly maintain and clean your ventilation system
  • Check if it is time to replace your ventilation system


Ensuring Proper Ventilation When Using a Vent Fan


Installing a proper ventilation system is not the end of the story; you need to keep on checking if the vent fan is properly venting your bathroom or not. To do so: you have to read what we have mentioned below:


Let the Fan Run After a Shower/Bath


If you want an excellent ventilation process, you must keep the vent fan running after the shower. But, on hot sunny days, replacing the lousy quality air out of the bathroom may take longer and filling it with fresh air. And it may also take longer to normalize the temperature.


Clean the Ventilating Fan


During their duties, vent fans may get clogged by the heavy masses of dust they deal with every day. In such cases, proper cleaning of these fans becomes essential. It takes the following steps to clean a ventilating fan:


Step 1: Shut Off the Electrical Circuit


Whenever you are going to clean any electrical appliance or a system that is powered by electricity, the very first step you should take is shutting off the power circuits. It can make the process entirely safe. In the case of cleaning vent fans, the same thing should be followed in the very first step.


Step 2: Remove the cover


In the next step, you need to expose the surface you will clean. So, in the case of a vent fan, remove the cover to start cleaning the fan.


Step 3: Clean the Fans


Now, you are going to do the primary step, start cleaning your vent fans. But, again, you can use different products that you think can go better with your fans.


Step 4: Turn on the Electricity


After completing the cleaning process, please turn on the electricity to get power back to the fan for its functioning. And, boom, you are good to go with your cleaned vent fan now…


Keep the Bathroom Dry


Try keeping your bathroom dry because a moist and humid bathroom provides the growth medium for molds that can deteriorate the structures, including walls, windows, and ceilings as well.


Bathroom Ventilation Cost


As the pricing highly fluctuates from area to area, you must check in your area to have an exact estimate of how much you are going to pay for your ventilation system. On assessment, replacing an old ventilation system can cost up to $150 to $550. On the other hand, a new bathroom fan costs about $250 to $950 to vent the fan via wall or roof.


Related Questions


  1. Can you vent the bathroom with a dryer?


No! You can not. It is considered unsanitary and is against building codes. Also, it will not function properly and poses a fire safety risk.


  1. How long do bathroom ceiling fans last?


It is estimated that bathroom ceiling fans can last up to 10 years. After that period, if you wish to have good ventilation in your bathroom, you must consider replacing the vent ceiling fan with a new one.


  1. What size ventilation fan do I need for a bathroom?


You need to measure the square footage of your bathroom by multiplying the length by width. After having that done, go for the fan that is rated with the same reading as square footage. For instance, 60 CFM fans are the best option for 60 square footage bathrooms.


  1. Do you have to replace a bathroom vent fan often?


It is true that they do not last forever, yet it is also not true that you need to replace the bathroom vent fans often. A vent fan can last for about ten years, which is not that short period.


  1. Can I vent a bathroom exhaust fan directly into a basement or attic?


Before installation, one must note that vent fans must always exhaust the outdoors. Never allow a duct to simply blow into the crawlspace, an attic, or some closed space.


  1. Will a dehumidifier remove moisture and prevent mold growth like a bathroom fan?


To put it in simple words, dehumidifiers just prevent molds by reducing the humidity level, and they do not kill the molds directly.




Poor ventilation can impose various harms to your bathroom. So, whenever you feel even a little thing bad happening about your ventilation system, don’t wait. It is only a sound ventilation system that can keep your bathroom safe. One must be cautious while choosing the right option to meet the requirements as per bathroom space. Not only installation but also cleaning is an essential step in maintaining a good ventilation process of a bathroom.

the girl is enjoying steam shower

An In-depth Guide To Steam Shower Installation – Covering Every Single Aspect

Many people are aware of the importance and benefits of a steam shower. That is why they tend to invest a considerable amount of their income in installing a steam shower in their home. Not only does it increases the luxury of a house, but also it increases its real estate value of it. This thing makes people install a steam shower in their home so they can enjoy the experience of having a steam bath without the hustle of visiting a spa center with complete privacy.


If you have been searching for various aspects about the installation of a steam shower, you must visit a bundle of sites to get every information. But, we are here to make the entire process easy and convenient for you. In this piece of writing, we will cover every possible thing about the installation of a steam shower room. What else are you waiting for? Just continue reading it all to explore more about it!

the girl is enjoying steam shower

15 pro tips to consider while installing a steam shower at home


Renovations are one of the very exciting projects a homeowner can carry on. The same is in the case of bathroom renovations. From the first day of renovation to the end of the project, everyone spends ample time daily in this multifunctional space. The sole purpose is to make it a high-value and high-impact remodel to enjoy for many years to come. As a bathroom is equipped with various kinds of therapies like Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, and Steam shower, it acts as a center of recovery for the health-and-wellness-oriented homeowner.


Besides the fact that updating a bathroom is an exciting task, it is also a project of much planning, a lot of research, and details to focus on. That is why people always search for the basics to keep in mind before installing a home steam shower.


To ensure that everything comes at once as planned, one must consider the following 15 tips while planning a personal spa. Trust in us, and they will enhance your experience installing an in-home steam shower room.


  • A maximum ceiling height of no more than eight feet
  • Decide the location where you will install the steam generator
  • Position your steam shower control near the seating
  • Install thin slip prevention for the steam shower floor
  • Pay focus on the steam room installation needs for materials
  • Fold-up seats can maximize steam shower space
  • Use Ul listed steam generators only for a better experience
  • Make use of vapor-sealed lighting fixtures that are steam rated
  • Always consider using a double-pane window in the steam shower
  • An insulated and enclosed shower space is always required
  • Built-in and sloped seating for bather comfort
  • Locate the steam head at the right height and place
  • Understand the required steam shower plumbing connections
  • Must hire an electrician for the power work for the steam generator
  • Never install venting, heating, or air conditioning devices in the steam room


The most common mistakes to consider when installing a steam shower


The installation of a home steam shower is a process involving a series of steps. That is why it requires the contribution of several home professionals like electricians and plumbers. This process is straightforward and stress-free when done in a proper manner. Despite that, it is still possible to make mistakes in steam shower installation. Such mistakes may require some additional work to address or may require some extra steps for maintenance.


So, in order to help people about addressing such main mistakes and maintain them correctly, we have decided to come up with this detailed guide. Here, we are going to elaborate on them all step by step. Having read this piece of writing, you will be able to avoid such blunders that decrease the worth and luxury of your home spa. This will help you save your time and money, as well as your interest in installing a steam shower. They include:


  1. Not being able to recognize the correct shower materials affecting the generator size


The selection of homeowners totally depends upon personal preferences. But, it is also very important to take specific properties into account and address them via making a selection of a right-sized generator. The more porous material, such as marble, glass block, granite, shale, or concrete, the more readily it dissipates heat. If the homeowner selects the natural beauty of marble or stones for their steam shower, a steam generator with more power is necessary to compensate for the swift heat loss.


On that, choosing a non-porous material like porcelain, ceramic, or acrylic will retain heat in the steam shower, and a smaller generator will be adequate for that. Hence, it is proved that an appropriate selection of materials is of tremendous worthwhile renovating a bathroom.


  1. Failing to choose the right accessories and additional therapies during the installation process


There are a number of accessories for a steam shower that enhance the overall experience of a steam shower room. Among them, the most important ones are recessed lighting, wall-mounted seats, electric towel heaters, etc. Among the therapies, MusicTherapy, ChromaTherapy, and AromaTherapy are widely chosen by homeowners who are fans of luxurious touch in their bathrooms or steam shower rooms.


Add more, many of the homeowners skip such features because of financial concerns. But later, they wish they had not. This is so because installing such additional accessories and therapies later is very complicated and costly as well as a disruptive task to do.


  1. Avoiding selecting a control package for a steam generator


A control package is an essential thing to operate the generator, besides just a “nice-to-have” function. They range in complexity and price, from simple to personalized, but the steam generator would not run without it. Some people have been known to say that they just want to turn it on and off without completely understanding what features such controls offer and how they are beneficial to them.


  1. Not purchasing a right-sized generator for a steam shower


In order to purchase the appropriate generator recommended for space, it becomes essential to measure the material type and enclosure. Selecting a generator that is too small means it is not powerful enough to meet the requirements. In the same manner, opting for a generator that is too large means it will waste power. In this manner, both of them are not the appropriate type of generators. To get rid of the problems like that, it is highly encouraged to consult some professional to take an idea of the exact size of the steam generator and a proper location to install it.


  1. Ignoring plumbing and electrical requirements for home


Most often, homeowners have no clue about many electrical differences, such as 120, 208, and 240 volts. In this way, using the wrong electrical outlet can be hazardous in many aspects and not being up to code can cause issues when your bathroom is inspected.


This same is equally true for plumbing requirements. It is not so because just for code reasons, but so you do not have issues later like “sluggish” pipes that can release noxious gases into the home.


  1. Failing to store the steam generator in an appropriate location


A steam generator can be installed at any place within 60 feet of your steam shower. It can be installed in a basement, heated attic, vanity, closet, or similar spot. We recommend leaving about 12 inches of extra space on the top and also the sides for servicing and to make sure adequate ventilation. Try not to install a steam generator inside the actual shower enclosure and an unheated location where the piping of the water supply can freeze.


It is much essential to store the steam generator in a location where it can be accessed quickly, and parts can be removed to facilitate maintenance. It is very important that plumbing connections to the generator can be turned off if needed.


  1. Not beginning with a budget for upgrading bathroom installation costs, materials, and accessories


Before going for a final renovation or upgrade, having a clear idea of the costs can save the homeowner resentment and aggravate the project proceeds. Creating a transparent budget with an appropriate leeway to save both homeowner and contractor will prevent disagreements over the course of updating. Now, as you are well aware of the most common mistakes one can commit while installing a steam shower, it will be easier to avoid them.


  1. Choosing an installer, contractor, or plumber who is not yet licensed and unfamiliar with the installation process


Because a plumber, installer, or contractor with 30 years in the industry does not mean they know the process of installing a steam shower unit. Since the installation of a steam shower includes electricity and water, experts suggest the professional installation by a skilled and licensed contractor, electrician, or/or plumber who knows how to deal with the steam. Only the authorized and qualified dealers can suggest the right contractors and answer any queries your contractor or builder might be having about how the steam installation works.


  1. Improper sealing of floors, walls, and ceiling of the home steam shower


No one wishes steam seeping into the remaining portion of the bathroom and lingering there. It may also cause condensation on the floors and walls. This thing can cause some kind of accident because of mold and slipping that may cause severe health issues. No vents are required in a properly structured steam shower because they can quickly drain the steam. Ceilings and walls must be constructed of non-porous material, water-resistant and non-corrosive surfaces like man-made stone or natural stone, tile and molded acrylic.


If you are planning to build a steam shower room that is not also a shower, a drain is needed. The windows of a steam room must be double-paned and equipped with appropriate tempered safety glass. If you are searching for the detailed information on sealing tile in a steam room or shower, the Tile Council of North America is an excellent source for that purpose.


  1. Consider the size of a steam shower and then install accessories in it


While planning about the renovation or initial installation of a bathroom, an in-home spa or a steam shower room, one must consider the suitable space and its usage. Spending a lot of amount on this procedure and ending up with a mess won’t pay out. It would be the best to consider the right size of the steam shower and also the proper selection of accessories to style it. If an in-home spa is spacious, then you can add an appropriate arrangement of sitting there in order to be seated while having a steam shower session in a steam shower room. Otherwise, a folding chair would be the right choice.

the girl is in the steam shower room


How much does a steam room or steam shower cost?


To begin with, steam showers may exist in two different types. They are:


  • Custom steam shower
  • Prefabricated steam shower


Custom steam showers: This kind of steam shower is built as per your choice, budget, interest and personal preferences. This type of steam shower is considered to be challenging to install. They also need more money to install as compared to the other kind of steam showers. Those who wish to have the in-home steam showers the way they want mostly go for this option as it best suits them.


An average estimate of costs of Custom steam showers


Installation costs: $1,000 – $6,000

Materials: $2,500 – $6,500

Steam generator: $400 – $2,000

Total: $4,000 – $15,000


Prefabricated steam showers: On the other hand, prefabricated, also called prefab steam showers, are sold as a unit. It can be directly inserted into a previously existing steam shower space. To add more, they are generally thought to be easier to install and need less money as compared to the other type of steam showers. For those who have financial constraints and also want to have a luxurious touch to their steam room, they go for this option to have such a great experience.


An average estimate of costs of a Prefabricated steam shower


Installation costs: $500 – $600

Generator and unit costs: $2,300 – $5,500

Total: $2,800 – $6,200


But these costs fluctuate hugely depending upon the type of materials used, types of additional therapies installed and space of the steam shower room.


Cost of building a steam room


The average cost required to build a steam shower room is about 43 United States Dollars per square foot. But its prices can range from 22 to 65 United States Dollars per square foot for prefabricated models. These costs may be double if you customize your entire steam shower room by adding additional seating or built-in accessories. Such accessories may include an essential oil diffuser or a sound system.


Cost to convert a regular shower to a steam shower


You will have to pay about 1000 USD to 5000 USD for a steam shower that is yet to be assembled, with different units ranging from 2500 USD to 4000 USD. This equals typically almost 70 USD per square foot, as most of the prefabricated steam showers are 3×3×7 feet. You should keep this point in your mind if you decide to opt for an un-assembled steam shower in your already existing shower space: you must have a shower space large enough to provide room for the insertion of a steam shower.


For that matter, you need to include a steam generator only, which will prove to be highly economical. So, you should be expecting its cost to range from 2300 USD to 5500 USD.


Additional factors that enhance the cost of steam shower installation


Besides the central steam shower unit, there are various add-ons and options to take into consideration in the steam shower budget. As mentioned below are the significant factors that play their role in the final cost of your project of installation of an in-home steam shower room.


  • Controls: Manual turn valves are considered the least expensive to install with a steam shower system. At the same time, those of the wireless and other advanced and smart systems will cost a lot.


  • Lighting: The cost of installing lighting in a steam shower fluctuates on the basis of what you choose out of various options for selection. Hidden LEDs are the cost-effective selection to make that can go under a bench or on the ceiling, while recessed lights can impart a starry effect and cycle through changing colors.


  • Flushing: Automatic flushing systems are the best options available in the market for your generator in order to reduce calcium buildup. On the other hand, various manual versions need you to clean the generator after about every 20 steam baths. This cleaning is done by diluting the citric acid with water.


  • Plumber Labor Costs: Plumbers cost around 100 to 300 United Stated Dollars per hour. They are necessary to ensure that your steam shower is integrated into the plumbing system of your home in a proper manner.


  • Materials: Porcelain and Ceramic tile walls are considered the most cost-effective materials. The prices of the tiles vary greatly with various higher-ed options that include marble, granite, and slate.


  • Upgrades: You may also wish to leave extra room in your budget for different promotions. Add-ons like that deluxe seating, sound systems, and aromatherapy oil wells add an ultra-deluxe and luxurious touch.


  • Electrician Labor Costs: Electricians can charge up to 50 to 100 United States Dollars per hour. You will require the help of an electrician for the installation of the generator and some other mechanical components in a proper way.


Get an ultimate guide to planning your in-home steam shower system


If you are also an enthusiastic homeowner who enjoys planning and upgrading the steam shower room off and on, you can get an ultimate guide for that. It accounts for all the aspects of an in-home steam shower system. So, you can get your one by clicking the link below, and it would be of great help for you indeed.


An insulated and enclosed shower space is always required.


While installing a private steam shower, ensure it will be insulated and enclosed to keep the soothing steam in place. It is constructed of marble tile or non-porous materials and equipped with a water-tight floor and door drain. It is essential to notice that while the shower needs to be water-tight, also it does not need to be air-tight. In fact, some air infiltration around the shower door permits you to see the steam form.


Steam Shower Installation Cost per component


  • Good Walls and Door


If you require to arrange custom space for inserting steam shower, you should also consider its price. Steam showers come with glass enclosures that cover the shower’s upper end to avoid the piling up of excessive humidity in your bathroom space. The cost of glass walls ranges from 600 USD to 2000 USD, and that of the glass shower doors ranges from 500 USD to 1500 USD. Also, the charges of a thicker glass are more, but it is usually a one-time investment as you hardly need to change it later on.


  • Steam Shower Wall Tile Installation


Steam showers often appear to be a mixture of aesthetics and physical benefits, so you might be willing to include beautiful tiling in your package. For this purpose, the estimated cost ranges from 600 USD to 1400 USD.


  • Steam Generator


Regardless of whether you choose a custom unit or a prefab steam shower, you must arrange a generator for the power supply. For the generator, you need to pay between 500 USD to 2000 USD. Moreover, the steam shower generators commonly come with a capacity of 90 to 450 cubic feet and 4.5 to 12 kW.


Always use double-pane windows in the steam shower

As we have described briefly, you should double-pane the windows within the shower space. It impedes the cold outer air from coming into the steam shower and retains the heat and steam within the walls of your steam shower.


Pay heed to the steam room installation needs for materials


For tile steam showers, go through all the information provided and approved by the national tiles association if you want to install ceramic tile, porcelain, acrylic, or any other non_porous material so that the walls of your steam shower do not rob and absorb the body of your great steam.


The more porous material you use (for instance, concrete, glass block, granite, shale, or marble), the more swiftly it will let the heat out instead of storing it inside.


Decide where to install the steam generator.


A steam generator can be easily installed at any location within 60 feet of your in-home steam shower room. It can be stored in a closet, a heated attic or basement, a vanity, etc. Just notice the fact that it is highly recommended to leave about 12 inches of space at the sides and on the top to serve and make sure the proper ventilation process.


Never install venting,  heating, or air conditioning devices in a steam shower room.


In your regular bathroom, an exhaust fan assists let the stale air out of the home. This very principle stands true for a steam shower bathroom as well. Surprisingly, the regular exhaust fan of an average bathroom will do the job the best way. Inserted outside the enclosure of the steam shower, an exhaust fan safely removes the warm moist air from the room.


Reminder: You should not install any air conditioning, venting, or heating devices inside the steam room ( for instance, heating air vent, etc.).


Consider using vapor-sealed lighting fixtures.


Consider making use only of vapor-sealed lighting fixtures that can provide protection against moisture entry. To add more, they are approved for in-home steam shower systems. On a general basis, the light is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (abbreviated as GFCI). This is an automatic kind of system that will shut off the power on detection of moisture in the fixture.


Hire an electrician for the power required for the steam generator


Installation of a steam shower room in the home is an exciting as well as disruptive task to do. It is an electrician as well as plumber-related labor. That is why one must get in touch with a professional electrician in order to carry on the entire process of installing a steam shower system in the home from start to finish. An experienced electrician can only do this job for you in an excellent manner. So, hiring a professional electrician would be the best choice to make.


The installation cost of steam shower walls


The cost of the installation of steam shower tile ranges from 7 USD to 25 USD per square foot, or more precisely, 800 USD to 3000 USD on average. Surface preparation, tile layout, material, and Shower size decide the actual cost. Non-porous tiles such as ceramic and porcelain are considered best for the steam rooms.


Steam generator


They are the heat exchangers that are used to convert feedwater into steam. They work with the heat produced in a nuclear reactor core. This steam produced will drive the turbine later. They are used in nuclear power plants. But there are different types of them according to reactor type. A boiling water reactor doesn’t need steam generators as the water boils directly in the reactor core.


Glass Walls and Steam Shower Door


Besides all the other aspects related to a steam shower room in a home, installing a steam shower door and glass walls will also require much attention. That is why one must be very conscious about making a wise decision in this regard as well. Like other features of a steam shower, walls and doors also give a new luxurious and fancy touch to the overall look.


Details on steam shower room plumbing connections


The plumber you are going to hire should use copper or brass pipe only. To add more, he must try lowering the incoming water pressure by 15-25 PSI. Also, the use of threaded unions for more straightforward repairs is essential.


Plan for these connections:


  • 1/2″ drain line
  • 3/8″ water line to the steam generator
  • 1/2″ steam line from the generator to the steam room


Fold-up seats can maximize the steam shower space.


In order to have a much better experience in a steam shower during a steam session, installing a seat is an option most people want to go with. Adding a chair or stool can occupy a considerable distance for steam showers that do not have much space. So, to maximize the steam shower room space, adding a fold-up seat would be the right choice. So, you will have both benefits of having a seat and maximum space in the steam shower.


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Before planning the steam shower installation, people try visiting a platform to collect all the necessary information about related aspects. If you are also a homeowner looking for the best and most in-depth guide on this topic, you must subscribe to our blog. Here, we share all the details about this topic on a regular basis to get in touch with our worthy audience to make the right choice convenient and easy for them.


Electrician labor costs


An average estimate of an electrician per hour is between 50 and 100 United States Dollars per hour. To add more, you may face various other charges besides these rates. These additional charges include travel and other overhead costs—additionally, the cost of required materials that is necessary for the completion of the respective job. Besides, the electrician labor costs vary from area to area. So, you must consult with the electricians in your area to have a clear idea of their cost before analyzing the budget for the installation of a steam shower room in your home. It will help you manage your finance well.




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An Entire Guide to Towel Warmer – Type, Cost, and Installation

Giving a stylish and classy touch to home is the wish of almost everyone. People opt for unique, new, and innovative home additions. The same is true of a bathroom, where people focus on this part of the home. Many people consider spending a considerable portion of their income installing a towel warmer in their bathroom. Not only does it gives a luxurious look to the bathroom, but it also offers many benefits other than that. This is the reason people end up investing in that.


If you have been searching about towel warmers on different sites, your search is over now. You have just landed on the right spot. Here, we are going to elaborate on every aspect of towel warmers. So, this piece of writing can be of great help to you. It would be best to read it all if you want to explore more about it.

electric towel warmer-TOLO-TR02

Can a Towel Warmer Heat a Bathroom?



A towel warmer can be used as a multi-purpose gadget that is more than only capable of keeping an average-sized bathroom toasty and friendly. Besides, they also offer you a fluffy heated towel after your bath or shower. Various factors contribute to the popularity of electric towel warmers. Some of the most important ones are:


  • Practicality: Buying an electric towel warmer would be a wise investment because it performs two jobs
  • Minimalist Design: They do not alter the aesthetic of the bathroom and can easily fit into a contemporary or small bathroom.
  • More Floor Space: An electric towel warmer is mounted on the wall, saving a lot of space and, in return, avoids cluttering or clouding.


Types of heated towel rails


If we talk about electrically heated towel rails, they come with various options. So, choosing the right one is a personal decision. That is why people end up choosing the right ones as on their choice, interest, budget, and personal preferences. The most important types of heated towel rails are:


  • Non-thermostatic(or single heat): It is a rail that can operate at a single temperature.
  • Thermostatic(variable heat): A towel rail permits users to fluctuate temperature readings.


Besides all that, some electrically heated towel rails come with a timer. Users can set the timer as per their requirements and get the temperature of their choice.


Types of Towel Warmer

electric towel warmer-TOLO-TR08

There are different types of electric towel warmers in the market from which people can choose one according to their choice, budget, and personal preferences. Actually, there are three main types of towel warmers. Generally, all-electric towel warmers will have stainless steel, steel, or aluminum finish. But, it is also possible to find the ones with copper, brass, or chrome. The three types of electric towel warmers are:


  • Wall Mounted Towel Warmers: As the name indicates, these are the type of towel warmers that are mounted on walls and kept out of the way. They can be connected to mains and plugged into a socket. Although the former is the most popular option, people usually choose to go with it.
  • Hydronic Towel WarmersIt is the most eco-friendly option that uses radiant heat to heat the towel or bathroom. Also, it is more efficient because it heats objects in a direct manner instead of pushing heat into the air. But, the rest of the towel warmers are a bit more expensive. Yet they are an excellent bathroom heat source.
  • Freestanding Towel Warmers: This type of towel warmers take up a large space area and is constantly plugged into the mains through a socket. But, the thing that makes them unique then others is their portability. Yes, you can change their place whenever you want because they are not fixed in a single position. So, they can also be used to warm clothing items elsewhere in the house.


How much do towel warmers cost?


The cost of a towel warmer depends upon its size, style, configuration, and type. So, it is totally up to the user to get the wanted electric towel heater as per choice or personal preferences. The average cost of an electric towel warmer is about 605 United States Dollars when it is professionally installed. If we talk about the price of affordable plug-in electric towel warmers, it is about $ 60. On the other hand, the starting price of hardwired electric towel warmers is around $ 200 but can be as high as $ 3000 in the case of some hydronic towel warmers.


Are there different configurations of towel warmers?


Like many other attributes, towel warmers come with a variable configuration. Interestingly, they are available in three mounting styles in the market. They include:


  • Freestanding: Classic shelf-style towel warmers
  • Wall-hung: The best option for space-constrained baths
  • Floor-mounted: Braced to the wall on top


All of them come with plug-in or hardwired electric versions. We all know they are connected to plumbing, so they must be mounted on the floor or hung on the walls. Depending upon the size of the family, a massive range of sizes and styles is available to better cater to the requirements of a family.




Are there other bathroom heating options?

Although an electric towel warmer is a good option for heating the bathroom effortlessly, it would be best to consider some additional options for the desired outcomes if you have a large bathroom. This is so because a towel warmer can better cater to only small-sized bathrooms. Hold on, and there are plenty of best bathroom heating options.


  • Skirting Board HeatersThis is a relatively cheaper option yet still highly effective. These heaters are installed where the skirting is and are generally infrared for a more eco-friendly result than others. They can take a little while to warm up but certainly, get the job done nicely.
  • Underfloor HeatingIt can be a bit expensive to get this done, but this kind of bathroom heater makes all the difference to the temperature of the bathroom. It can save you money on your energy bill. It is comfortable and luxurious to give you a relaxing bathing experience.
  • Overhead Heaters: This bathroom heater is among the most popular choices for people with smaller shower rooms. To add more, the only cost you need to worry about is the cost of They are good at heating small spaces and are not much expensive to run.


How do towel warmers work?


There are two basic kinds: electric and hydronic. Both heat the towel rail from the inside out and have low energy consumption. As an additional feature, many are equipped with auto shut-off timers as well as thermostats.


  • Electric towel warmers: They are self-contained units operating independently from the heating system. They have low-watt, electric-powered elements within the towel rail. Some make use of a “dry” element heating wire installed in tubes of the towel bars. At the same time, others make use of a “wet” element to heat water or oil inside the towel rail. Both can be operated with an on/off switch or a timer.
  • Hydronic towel warmers: They are connected to radiant-heating systems or hot-water plumbing. Like a radiator, the hot water flows through the towel bars; it provides even and consistent warmth.


Importance of heated towel rails?


While towel warmers give you toasty towels, one of their main benefits is keeping your towels dry. To add more, they make them useful for cold weather and humid climates. They can also keep your bathroom hygienic as the dry towels minimize the chance of a moist and damp breeding site for mold and germs. Additionally, they help save water and electricity. The towels are dried directly on the rail and do not need to be washed as often to save costs from an energy-guzzling tumble dryer.


Are our towel warmers challenging to install?


The difficulty of installing towel warmers totally depends on the heating source and mounting style. Some can be plugged in like a toaster, while others may require professional installation and connection to plumbing or electrical systems. Electric towel warmers are available as either plug-in or hardwired units. On the other hand, Hydronic towel warmers are the best option during a remodel.


Why is there a need for the towel warmer?


A towel warmer has a variety of benefits. They are used for heating towels or bathrobes. So that you have a warm towel or bathrobe when drying off after having a shower or leaving the beach, pool, or spa. After using a towel, it will dry it out. In this way, it reduces laundry loads as well as water consumption. This is so because the towels will not require to be washed as often. In short, they make a massive difference in the luxury and functionality of a bathroom.


The final report


To sum up, electric towel warmers are the best option to heat a bathroom and towel. They come with various types to be chosen as per requirements, choice, interest, space, and other personal preferences.

To learn more about Tolosauna towel warmer, please click here!
































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7 Steps To Consider While Taking A Steam Shower – Effective Steam Bathing

Many people are aware of the benefits a steam bath can impart to their health and wellness. That is why most of them have included it in their wellness routine to enjoy the advantages. Taking steam baths has been considered a part of cultures all around the world throughout history. People in various regions follow different practices to enjoy steam baths according to their culture. But various experts have suggested some of the best methods enjoy the exclusive benefits of the steam bath. In the busy and increasingly time-crunched world, capturing the help of this widely practiced detoxifying ritual takes only about 20 minutes or even less.

If you have been searching for the right platform to learn about the steps you should include in your wellness routine, your wait is over. Fortunately, you have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to elaborate on the basic steps of taking a steam session at home or in the spa. And remember, these steps are widely accepted and suggested by enthusiasts of skincare and steam therapy for enhanced relaxation. It would be best to read it all to get in-depth knowledge of these steps.

Best Steps Of Steam Bathing

Step 01: Wear an appropriate attire

If you have a steam bath experience in a health club locker room or a spa center, you may know that you already have opted for modesty. You wore a towel or bathing suit while having a steam session. Many of the advantages of a steam bath come from sweat expulsion from the body. So, the best outfit would be the one you were born with.

Experts are of the viewpoint that wearing no attire would be the best choice if you are visiting a spa with no such restrictions. Wearing less will pay out more when it is to an effective steam bath. To add more, some are also of the view that it would be the best practice to remove makeup from the skin. Also, rinsing off the body sprays and lotions will do absolute wonders. Besides all that, in order to expose the whole skin to the steam, taking off jewelry and glasses is necessary.

Step 02: Better experiment with the suitable length of your steam session

To put it in short, sweating is hygienic. The closed environment of an in-home steam shower permits the body to detoxify itself completely. It will result in reducing direct exposure of skin to germs, dirt, and various other unwanted pollutants. If it is not done so, all such substances may land on the sin outside and impart negative impacts. This is the reason the length of a steam session really matters, as it varies from person to person as per their choice and personal preferences. So, it would be best if you explored the length of the steam bath that can be effective and beneficial for you.

That is why experts say that body temperature tends to rise whenever a person sits in the heat. That is why staying in the steam room until the whole body starts sweating is a must. For most people, the length of this period is in between five to twenty minutes. Time in a steam shower fits very lovely as part of a regular bathing routine.

Step 03: Cleanse your skin first

If you feel like your skin is dirty, the process of opening up the skin pores under layers of oils, makeup, and lotion is inhibited. That is why consider cleansing your skin before taking a steam bath. It will, indeed, help facilitate the detoxification of the skin. In the same manner, after your steam, you will have the residue of whatever the body expelled through a sweat session, so it is much essential to rinse off at the end as well.

Step 04: Hydrate yourself well

The basic principle of taking a steam shower is all about harnessing the advantages of the heat of the steam and sweat of the body. As a result, it is prohibited to go for a steam bath session if you are dehydrated. Experts suggest preferring simple water and herbal tea as the practical and favorite pre-steam drinks. Suppose a person taking a steam shower maintains proper hydration. In that case, it will keep him safe from a lot of uncomfortable physical outcomes that dehydration might cause in a steam shower room. One of the essential benefits of hydration and steaming for the skin is healthy and glowing skin.

Step 05: Avoid eating before shower bath

As mentioned earlier, the steaming process is all about harnessing steam energy and sweat of the body; avoid stepping into the steam shower room full after a big meal. This is the same reason many experts believe that it can keep them safe from various physically uncomfortable situations that might otherwise happen. So, it is frequently suggested as the best thing not to eat just right before taking a steam session.

Step 06: Sequence your therapies wisely

Some steamers tend to blend the rejuvenating effects of various other therapies alongside steam baths at home. For instance, athletes may consider a practice between hot and cold, known as contrast water therapy. It supports their recovery. If your home includes hydrotherapies such as a whirlpool or hot tub or an excellent swimming pool, avoid warming up your body too quickly or for an extended period.

First of all, allow your body to cool down between the steam sessions in the steam room and the tub. To add more, going straight from a cold temperature area to a hot one is also prohibited. If you have any medical issue or are seeking to treat it, assure to consult some doctor before trying them at home. If you are interested in multiple therapies, you can also debate how to install a sauna or steam shower. While both share some benefits, the differences can be helpful to you choose one over the other.

Saunas are different for their wood construction, dry heat, and high temperatures up to 200°F. On the other hand, steam baths are considered a wet heat that fits into most showers and generally have a high temperature of 115°F. The damp heat of a steam shower may be preferred by those seeking to soothe or relieve sinus pain and their respiratory system, save on space, or protect dry skin. It is widely said that if you ever feel uncomfortable, you must listen to your body and not overdo anything.

Step 07: Discover the best timing for a steam bath

Like various other factors, the best time to take a steam bath is worth paying attention to. Experts say that the frequency of steam baths per week and the best time to take steam is merely a matter of purely personal preference. Although figuring out the best one that can actually work for you is the best thing to do. For instance, some people prefer starting their day with a steam shower to get prepared for the entire day. It might help them be more creative and generate more productive ideas.

Those individuals who are interested in physical performance, like athletes that have less recovery time, can enjoy the benefits of the steam bath. According to them, post-exercise steaming is an excellent option to go with, whether it’s day or night. To add more, the people who suffer from any kind of seasonal allergy during allergy seasons can have more steam sessions in order to open their sinuses right in the morning or seek relief just before going to bed.

Researches are evident that around 35% of Americans suffer from sleep troubles. If you are one of them, taking a steam bath for relaxation purposes in the evening can help you have the needed rest. Besides steam therapy, you can have additional therapies as well. But, keep in your mind that it depends upon you which package you are going to install. Such therapies include AromaTherapy and ChromaTheray. Both can be used to personalize your steam bath experience with optimal results. Ultimately, the best routine will be the one that is easy to follow for you and feels good.

Final Thoughts

A steam shower is all about personal preferences and choices, yet some steps can make it more beneficial and advantageous for the people. As mentioned above are some of the most widely accepted and practiced steps. They range from hydrating your body to wearing appropriate attire for the steam bath, more hydration to the body, and avoiding entering a steam shower room after a full heavy meal. These are small steps, no doubt. But they can make a massive difference in the benefits of a shower.

Besides steam therapy, various other therapies can be incorporated with the steam bath to have an even more compelling experience. The most important of them include aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Must try following these steps with your steam bath session to get promising results,


tolosauna steam shower

How the Science of Human Comfort and Steam Showers – What is their relation?

Just like the sizes of gloves, shoes, and many other things, steam shower size matters. Anthropometry is the scientific study of proportions and measurements of the human body to customize steam showers. This is a factor that everyone must consider while planning and designing a steam room. Focusing on this factor can make the overall steam shower experience good and full of health and wellness benefits.

If you have been searching for how this attribute can relate to the size of the steam room, your search is over now. You have just landed on the right spot. Here, in this piece of writing, we will mention how anthropometry can influence different parts of a steam shower room.

What is the ideal size of a steam shower room?

If we talk about the most effective and avoid accepted Bay to size a steam shower room is to think in terms of:

Height x Width x Length = Total Volume

But, this formula to size the steam shower fails to consider the human element, the dimensions of the human body.

So, instead of that, we can encourage various anthropometric questions that include:

What is the line of sight for an adult female?
What is the forward reach for an adult male?

Also, you can determine the most appropriate size of a steam shower by studying the human body dimensions instead of the building dimensions. It surely maximizes the degree of comfort and the benefits that a steam shower room can offer you.

Based on a long research process, we have concluded that the minimum size of a steam shower room for a single person is 3 feet long by 3 feet wide by 7 feet high. To add more, the optimal height of the ceiling is 8 feet. And, if you are planning to have a taller ceiling, you must need a larger generator to produce enough steam to meet the requirements for having an amazing steam bath experience.

Selecting the appropriate generator for the steam room

When it is about selecting an appropriate generator for your steam room, it becomes very important to consider the type of materials you are going to use in its structure. The materials with great porosity will dissipate heat more quickly and thus will require a generator with more power to pick up the slack.

Feeling good with soothing steam means being seated.

You will need some place to be seated to have maximum enjoyment during a steam session. Experts say that it has widely been noticed that most people have no sense of when and how to position the seat in a shower room. After the study of the human body, we conclude the debate that an ideal center must be 18 inches high and 15 inches deep. But, this is not a fixed measurement and can fluctuate considerably. These dimensions may differ to offer you enough space to sit with huge comfort without hunching forward or leaning back.

If you want a seat in your shower room, you can consider installing a fold-up teak seat coated for protection against moisture. To avoid the direct exposure of your heart to steam, consider positioning your seat away from the steam head.

Where can steam control be most accessible?

There is always an anthropometric way to position everything in a steam shower room to attain maximum comfort. This is independent of which shower control position you select. For a better experience, it must be installed between four and five feet above the floor. It will avoid unnecessary reaching or bending whether you are standing or sitting.

It would be best to position it on the opposite wall from the steam head to avoid direct exposure. This placement is very important because the control of the built-in thermostat will not read accurately if placed directly exposed to the steam head. To add more, ensure that the seat is always in your reach, and you need not get up to use it.

In short, it is all about minimizing the effort and energy you require to expect while having a steam bath session in a steam shower. It will help you feel good and more relaxed.

What can be the appropriate position of Steamhead?

According to experts in the field, the ideal position of a steam head would be between 6 and 12 inches above the floor. Try finding one that is cool to the touch. To do so, you can place your steam head on a similar wall as the regular showerhead.

As mentioned earlier. Ensure that the steam head is placed away from your head, feet and body and on a wall opposite from the control. It can further enhance the safety and degree of comfort. It is not good to place it near the exit or entrance area. This will help you eradicate the chances of losing steam when you enter or exit.

Comfort is at the center because without it, you can not take total health and wellness benefit to feel good. Whenever you are planning a steam shower for yourself, never forget the most important factor to be considered; Yourself.


Final Thoughts

Anthropometry is a study of dimensions and measurements that can assist people in sizing their steam shower room in a perfect manner. It will ensure you enjoy the promised benefits of a steam shower with the calculated and measured size. Further, positioning the shower seat and the showerhead also matters a lot. This guide counters all the basics of installing the steam shower appropriately and sizing it accordingly to get the maximum out of it.